Monday, 7 March 2011

Party Girl?

This weekend I had a night out planned. It was a friend’s birthday and we were going to paint the town red, or something like that. I was feeling pretty excited about the night and couldn’t work out why. A quick glance at my diary soon made me realise why.

This was to be my first night out since before Christmas.


It couldn’t be. I went back and double-checked but it was definitely true. Somehow it had escaped my attention that I was old.

Surely it was only yesterday that a night out at the weekend was mandatory? God I remember when I would have died rather than stay in on a Saturday night, even if that meant not going out until 11pm because you couldn’t afford to really drink. I remember when it was normal to for me to go out a couple of times during the week as well as on a weekend (aaah those heady days of working as a waitress and stumbling about hungover, or more likely, still drunk, serving people cups of coffee.).

But the sad fact is that really that wasn’t yesterday. That was years ago and slowly, slowly, ever so slowly, the nights out have been diminishing the older I’ve got.

I think this is due to a number of factors. As people have settled down the nights out have decreased – if there’s no need to go trolling for men then there’s no need to go out. As people opted for cosy nights in with their other halfs, town has been denied my presence more often. Also people were suddenly saving up for houses. Or saving up to do their house up. Or saving up for a wedding. Or spending their money on nappies. No room for a few cocktails when that kind of thing is on your list.

To be fair I probably haven’t noticed the paucity of nights out because I’ve had my own money worries – I might not be saving up for a house but I have been saving up to be able to stay in the one I’m currently in.

So on Saturday I made up for lost time. I didn’t feel sad that the nights out don’t have quite the same edge that they used to. No more shots and flirting with strangers. Instead, alternating alcohol with soft drinks and talking to friends’ partners and husbands. It wasn’t bad, it was just different.

I guess it’s what they call growing up.

Other signs that I am old:

- I complained more than once about how crowded the bars were.

- I complained that the level of noise was so bad that I couldn’t hold a decent conversation.

- And, despite being one of the last ones standing, I still made it home before my Dad and Step-Mum, whose house I was staying at that night. Jesus.


  1. Ah, I remember when Friday night meant straight down the pub after work for happy hour and then out all night. Now I'm lucky to make it to 11pm without falling asleep on the sofa in my jammies.


  2. I won't even tell you when my last night out was - I'm so sad, and old, and old, and old..........

  3. I know how that goes. Actually I started being unable to go out properly when I first got ill when I was 26-27. Now all my friends have caught up with me and enjoy having their friends over for a takeaway and a beer. Much cheaper.

    I don't think the going out thing was always about trolling for men though. I think it was also about having only crummy tiny flats to stay in. You couldn't really invite a few people over so you had to go out. Now more of us have houses and it is easier to get together at one of those, if not cheaper.

  4. But you didn't end the night in Asda did you? ;)

  5. Lol yep you must be getting old! I hardly ever go out anymore, Christmas was the first time in over a year and I was bored!!r5t fv (sorry Holly was typing there!) I'm glad things have changed tho, I was like you and went out several times a week as well as weekends - I couldn't handle the hangovers anymore (plus it made me put on so much wieght!)... PS - Tagged you in fill the blanks meme at my blog!!!

  6. Ah yes, I remember going out every Friday and Saturday and not being able to actually do anything during the day on a weekend but it's scary how long ago that was now.

    Nowadays I like to go out for a few drinks with friends in the local pub where we can get a seat, get served at the bar, hear what each other is saying and don't have to put up with being elbowed in the face by overexcited 16 year olds!

  7. Its comes to us all love! xx

  8. I think I was born old. Or maybe I just started going out too early. All the cool kids in school used to sit in the park and drink cider but me and my friends went clubbing in town from about 16 onwards. I think it's not my natural comfort zone - I'd rather get lashed in the afternoons nowadays.

  9. No matter how old I am - I have always hated crowds and too much noise -unless it is a club!

    I still go out lots but I'm stupid and my liver and wallet don't thank me... but when I go out it tends to be dinner or a quiet bar affair - the big nights til 6 in the morning generally only happen once a month these days...but I've never been a big raver...(though I have had a sudden burst due to enjoying my new found singeldom recently paired with the attitude of I don't give a f&%k give me booze and fags and whatever else is going).

    I've always been a big socialiser though which i blame my ex partly for as he never wanted to see me more than twice a week so I just got busy doing other stuff...and then when he changed his tune he had to wait for me to find time in the diary and often complained...pah was his own fault and I am all the better and more independent for it now...

    Anyway stop going on about being old - you're as young as you feel and there are lots of adventures yet!!! xxx

  10. Oh yes, I remember clubbing on a week night and then going into work looking like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards. Happy days...

  11. Oh I just can't be asked anymore! x


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