Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - March

I’m a great big failure this month I’m afraid. I did not scavenge hard enough. I did mean to, I swear I did, but the month just got away from me. Are you sure we’ve definitely gone through all of March? No days were missed out or anything? Did I lapse into a coma and miss a week?

I didn’t get 3 out of the 12 up for grabs – I can’t beat myself up too badly though, that means I got 75% of the photos altogether and that’s surely a pass by anyone’s measure isn’t it?

I wasn’t sure about the ‘rules’ of the photo scavenger hunt. Should I even be posting seeing as I didn’t get them all? Am I disqualified? But then I thought about the photos that I did get and felt that would be mean to not give them their chance to shine.

A rainbow – This piece of public artwork is currently residing in Whitefriargate in Hull city centre, I felt that I was allowed to include this because it’s called Rainbow-friargate. Read more about it here.

Something green - I like my nail varnish bright. The brighter the better. I can’t bring myself to wear more traditional colours. I love this green (Barry M if you must know) and wear it all the time but I’ve got to get around to buying a base coat, I wear it without one and then it stains my nails an iffy nicotine-yellow colour which is more than a little unfortunate looking. Good job I always keep my nails painted.

An empty chair – My desk at work. Please note the emergency cardigan which is always there in case I get cold (it rotates, it’s not always that green one) and the super cool Union Jack flag which will be coming home with me when it’s the day of a certain Royal Wedding.

Something sentimental – My Grandma’s clock. I was love with this when I was a little girl, so much so that I would sneak into her bedroom just to look at it. She knew how much I loved it and put in her will that it was to go to me when she died and as an extra precaution, she wrote my name on the bottom of it. It doesn’t work, I haven’t even been to see if it can be fixed, but it’s never worked as long as I’ve known it. I actually did a post about back on the old blog which you can see here.

Peeling paint – This chair resides in the back garden. You’ll be seeing a lot of it because I seem to have put most of the other subjects for my photographs on top of it. I blame it on being excited at finally having natural light.

A collection – Did I mention that I have a thing about nail varnish? Like almost a problem? Here are my Barry M nail varnishes, lined up in a pretty row for you. Please don’t be fooled into thinking they’re my only nail varnishes, I tried to get all of them in a photo but there were kind of too many. Shush.

Something as old as you – God bless my Mum for putting together little boxes for each of us that contain things from our childhood. Mine has my first shoes in it, cards that were sent on my Christening, a print out of Mum’s heartbeat and my heartbeat that she stole when she was in hospital, report cards, and various other knick knacks, including this little bear that was bought to hang from my pram. I have no idea where his nose went. Poor bear.

A ring – The knuckleduster. My sister got me this Venetian glass ring a while ago but I’ve been unable to wear it because it would only fit my little finger, now that I’ve lost weight it fits on my ring finger and I am beyond thrilled about it because I love it. (Yes I seriously lost weight from my fingers, I didn’t even have fat hands to start with!)

A lion – I kept my eyes peeled for lions around Hull but they must be still in hibernation. Instead a flash of inspiration came to me when I was rooting around for change and realised that there’s a lion on the back of a 10p piece. And better than that, there’s a bit of a lion on the 5p and the 20p because it’s part of the Royal Standard. I tried and tried to get a good photo but my focus was, quite frankly, a bit shit. And I gave up.

So I am missing a shadow (I missed my chance when the sun briefly appeared this month), a lamb and a fancy gate. I did get excited when we drove through Bishop Burton on Sunday and saw that it was lambing day but apparently going to your nephew’s 3rd birthday party is more important than a photo scavenger hunt on the internet. Fancy gate? I guess you’d need a fancy house first and there aint many of those round my way I’m afraid.

Please don’t beat me with sticks for failing.

Check out the group on Flickr for more photos.


  1. 75% gets you an A in these parts (but we call it an alpha).

    And I think you get bonus points for the lion.

  2. Blue, purple and green have always been my nail varnish colours of choice. I'm so pleased that you got your fairytale clock!

  3. Love that nail varnish - wish I had such lovely long nails. Not the chewed things stuck on the end of my stubby little fingers. N x

  4. I love your ring - rememeber you wearing that the other weekend! And I remember your grandma's clock too... :) xxx

  5. I think I picked a bad month to start - I'm really struggling to complete mine. I may have to resort to a photo of a lamb chop or something...

  6. I think you did really well. 9/12 is not bad at all. I love the stories behind the photos. What an amazing collection of nail varnishes you have - mine are all pinkish, but I guess that's no surprise! x

  7. 1. I have an Emergency Cardigan too.
    2. Love the clock story.
    3. Do you think you may have ingested the bear's nose?
    4. Eek! to Alex's comment! I'm a hypocrite though because I saw my first leapy little lamb of the year on Sunday and it made my heart skip ... I soon forgot the lamb dinner I'd had hours earlier! I'm a baddie.

  8. Oh, thanks so much for this post - had no idea about photo scavenger hunt and your choices are so cool. (Note still no people though... :) C.x

  9. so gutted that I found this on the last day of march! Will you be doing another??

  10. You may be missing a few but what you have are fab just like your nails ! ( A male friend of ours went in drag to something & the very red varnish stained is nails ! ) I chew my nails but my daughter has gorgeous ones.

    umm.... I nearly took a photo of the Sunday roast for " lamb " too !

  11. No-one beat me when I cheated in January and failed miserably in February! I'd never have thought of the lion on the back of the 10p. You have got lovely nails. Nothing like my short stubby gardener's ones! x

  12. Really enjoyed seeing your photos with the interesting write-ups. I chuckled at your comment re your nail polish ~ So pretty, though, and your nails look super. A lovely post!

  13. Good thinking with the 10p!

    I don't think it matters that you missed a few photos, you got most of them so it would have been a shame if you hadn't posted them.

    I found this list quite a challenge and lost about ten days of scavenging time stressing over an interview, but I mangaged to get them all!

    I've included your blog in a list of links on a page in my blog, just below the header, called Photo Scavenger Hunt, as a way of getting all participants in one place, for easy browsing - hope that's ok!

    Looking for to April's list now!


  14. Ingenious with the lion - wouldn't have thought of that!
    I had 3 missing for last months attempt - don't think it matters, all about the 'having a go' and enjoying it. And I love the green nails - so wish I could get away with those! Not sure they would meet the work uniform policy!!

  15. So you went for quality rather than quantity, too? I missed one so I wrote a little rhyming ditty instead, so that should count, right? LOVE, LOVE the green nails!

  16. I cheated last month with a photo from the TV - park benches in Central Park from Blue Bloods. I even had no excuse for forgetting as I had sat on one all afternoon!
    Great knuckle-duster :-)


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