Friday, 11 March 2011

Filling in the blanks...

When I spotted this on Nic's Notebook I immediately thought to myself, "I'm totally stealing that." But luckily for me I didn't have to as she tagged me in it anyway. And that meant I was duty-bound to re-post.

I am...almost 28 and for someone who has never felt freaked out about getting older I am working very hard to cool the panic that threatens to issue forth whenever I think about how old I am and where my life is at the moment.

The bravest thing I have ever done...hell you all know this. I think I was brave to stand up and say that things weren’t working between me and the ex, even if it has led to near breakdown and my financial ruin. I also think I was pretty brave the time that I confronted the person who punched my friend in the face...even though it meant getting punched myself.

I feel prettiest when...I’m not really trying. The more make-up I put on and the more I do my hair and the more I try to look good the more likely I am to find fault and go “Bleurgh. You are gross my friend.” Whereas if I make no effort and wear no make-up I’m more likely to go “Hey you’re not looking bad for someone who makes no effort and is wearing no make-up”

Something that keeps me up at night...Cross stitch. Seriously. Luckily for me I’m not the type to stay up all night worrying, if I’m tired I will sleep. Immediately. I could win awards for how quickly I can fall asleep. But if I’m cross-stitching in bed I will be taken over by an unspeakable force that won’t let me “I’ll just finish this bit” I tell myself and before I know it, it’s 3am and I’m putting the finishing touches to the outline.

My favourite meal is...anything involving pasta. Bloody love that stuff. If I was pushed I’d say spaghetti Bolognese, but it has to be how I make it a.k.a. how my Mum makes it. If you give me garlic bread with it I’ll love you for life.

The way to my heart show me that you care. I’m not fussed about presents, they’re nice but they’re easy. I need to know that you care in a way that isn’t expressed by expenditure. Just for me to feel like I matter is all I ask for.

I would like to be...not afraid of sewing machines. Seriously, what’s wrong with me?


I won't tag anyone in this but if you find yourself twiddling your thumbs, looking for something to post about then this might just fulfil your requirements. Go forth and fill in...


  1. Sewing machines are bloody scary. Mine is a tiny, cute, pistachio green little thing and hardly even looks like a machine but it's still a scary thing to me. I think I'm slowly learning not to fear it so much - if you go wrong (and I always do), it's not that hard to unpick.

    Have you told us the getting punched in the face story before? Impressive work! I am a giant wuss so would have backed down in the face of actual violence.

  2. Eeek I have the same sewing machine phobia - and I even have one...sat right behind me NOW...look see - it is giving me the evil eye knowing that I don't put it to good use. I would like to use it but just too darn scared. I need to wait for Mum to come over and show me properly and just do something with it! Eeek

  3. Yay you did it! Love your answers - wish I could get into my cross stitch - I never seem to be able to finish them, and I'm really crap at it too lol

  4. I think we need to know this story about being punched in the face - yikes! Wasn't it you who confronted a burglar whilst naked but for a duvet? That's pretty brave too! (Actually both of those could be classed as 'foolhardy'...)

    Ohhh, with you on the pasta!

  5. Spag bol is my favourite meal too -snap! And I am somewhat scared of sewing machines and I agree with you on not trying to dress up - I often feel gorgeous in track-suit bottoms...though I'd never go out in them!!! xxx

  6. PS Who punched you in the face and what did you do? Please


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