Monday, 28 March 2011

The Person, Birthdays and Cake

I do believe they call it the law of sod. I get to see The Person for the first time in a month, book some holidays off work to use up my holiday allocation before April and I get sick.

Stupid stupid mega cold. I hate you.

I didn't let it spoil things too much, no amount of snot and mucus was going to get in the way of my weekend.

The good thing about hardly ever seeing each other is that we get kind of over-excited to see each other again and just hang out and do stuff. We don't have to do anything spectacularly exciting, just being together is cool. We call it being a real-life couple.

Although I felt like staying in bed and making groaning noises, I took The Person to see yet more fun things in Hull. I'm on a one woman mission to prove that Hull is brilliant to everyone that has the misfortune to cross my path it would seem. Next on the list was the Streetlife Museum which I like because you can climb on transporty things like trams and carriages. Who doesn't love that?

There are also grocery and pharmacy stores which have been preserved from the days of yore. Who doesn't love old stuff?

Then we went to enjoy the vaguely Spring-like weather by sitting in Queen's Gardens and laughing at some of the sights in Hull, like this guy, who was completely sparked out and yet had managed to make sure his super-strength beer can stayed upright.

Other highlights of the weekend included baking (with The Person valiantly trying to help but kind of not really) and a meal out in a lovely bistro down the road - we again marvelled at our real-life coupley-ness.

On Sunday the cold was doing it's best to try and strike me down in the prime of life but there was no way I was allowing it to take hold because Sunday was the Day of Birthday Parties. The Person was packed off home whilst I went to York for my nephew's 3rd birthday and then it was back home for Dorothy's tea party for her birthday. It was more than a little marvellous - there were muffins with cream cheese frosting, lemon drizzle cake, banana and honey teabread, Dundee cake, scones, lemon meringue pie, rose flavoured cupcakes, cucumber short, just too much goodness for words.

I get over-excited about birthdays, I love the build-up to them, I love the cards, I love the opening of presents. And this is just anyone's birthday - when I arrived home on Saturday to find some cards on the mat for Dorothy I did an excited birthday jig. Imagine how unbearable I'm going to be this time next week when it's my birthday.

I am so thankful that I booked today off, I would need a day to recover at the best of times, never mind when I'm fighting off the lurgy at the same time.

And now I will go because my nose actually literally just dripped. Gross.

(But do you know what's awesome? I don't have to wait another month to see The Person - he'll be coming next Saturday for a visit for my birthday - see?! Like a real-life couple!)


  1. Haha that photo of the drunk is funny! Looks like lots of fab foody goodies yum! Hope you're feeling better for your bday next week (it was mine on Sat!) xx

  2. I can't imagine how difficult it is living so far apart. I'm glad you got to do ordinary things.

    I'm envious of your trip to York. I haven't been for months because of the pain of travel. I'm putting off my trip home until after my surgery and I'm planning on doing York BIG style - going into town and the like, just like an ordinary tourist ;-)

  3. Wow Dorothy's tea party sounds better than tea at The Ritz! Didn't you try that blood purifier for your cold? Sounds like it claims to cure most ailments known to man!!

  4. Awww even with your cold it sounds like you had a wonderful time xx

  5. Your birthday. Oh how exciting!

    I'm already quite thrilled by the sight of all that birthday fun. Lemon drizzle cake is my new cake passion - so springy!

    Although my excitement at the thought of getting on and off antiquated transport is quite small. really quite tiny.

  6. oh bum, and I meant Get Well Soon! of course.

  7. What a happy weekend despite the snot. You are a better girl than me - I just retreat the minute I get a sniffle.

    I love your pictures of the tea - it looks so yummy.

    I've nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award - details over at my blog. x

  8. Sounds a brilliant weekend - that museum sounds like Beamish or the York Castle museum, both of which I could LIVE in. Loving the look of the tea party too. Hppe you feel better for next weekend! x

  9. That looks like one fantabulous tea party. Hope you feel much better by your birthday. Not long now....

  10. So sorry you were sick for The Person's visit. All the birthday cakey goodness look YUMMY though! Hope you could enjoy them just a little

  11. I like cake. Sounds a yummy weekend!

  12. So sorry to have the lurgy - it *will* get better soon. And now I'm going to be surprise-fail and slightly stalkerish and wonder if you would email me with your address? ;)

  13. Poor you with the cold - literally as I read this I felt my throat many people have been struck down AGAIN recently so I am nervy... I'm also terrified of getting a cold when doing my TEFL so considering cancelation cover...I was the same when I did the cookery course too...

    Those cakes look scrum and I love the photo of the dude with the beer...classic!

    I do feel like bed would be a better place right now...instead of the office in general but this can't be so so I may just go buy some chocolate


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