Thursday, 30 December 2010

2010 - A Year in Review

This year I...

1. Got accused of being a terrorist
2. Finally finally got my wish for a niece
3. Learned to crochet and produced 4 blankets
4. I met Eddie, the cat of my life, only to lose him when he moved away (still sad about that by the way)
5. Broke someone’s heart.
6. Moved in with Dorothy
7. I had an exhibition with my fellow Stitchettes
8. I signed up to the cult of Weightwatchers and kinda lost an awful lot of weight (4 stone so far!)
9. I, you know, nearly died and stuff.
10. Saw more snow than I have ever seen in my whole life
11. Visited a new part of France
12. Fell in love again
13. Started a new blog (you’re totally reading it!)
14. Spent time with American Girl and American Boy for the first time in nearly 2 years (how was that a year ago already?!)
15. Watched someone pass away (the ex’s Grandmother)
16. Hosted my first ever giveaway on my old blog (I really need to do that again you know - next year I promise)
17. Saw Flight of the Conchords and Goldfrapp in concert
18. Got a better idea of who my real friends are.
19. Met Roy Hattersley and Henry Winkler (as you do)
20. Visited Blackpool for the first time
21. Saw one of my best friend’s get married
22. Babysat for guinea pigs for the very first time
23. Walked across the Humber Bridge for the very first time
24. Discovered that the gym wasn’t that scary after all and discovered the delights of Zumba.

All in all, not too shabby I reckon. Here's hoping 2011 is not quite as eventful!


  1. Eventful indeed! AND you managed to read a bazillion books! Hope 2011 is just as eventful for you, but less in terms of almost dying and stuff! Lots of love xx

  2. Love the way you summerised here...tempted to copy!!! :) Sounds like a very fruitful year! I've been thinking of trying to do a bit of a time line going forward so when I am old I can look back and remember things a bit more clearly...

    Jealous of the Goldfrapp achievement - I must go see her I have decided....

    And falling in love again? I think we need more

  3. Pretty eventfull year! Glad to have tagged along to share it with you. xxxxxxx

  4. Here's to the new year and all the fun things it will bring ;)

  5. Wow, very eventful year! I LOVE Flight of the Conchords - were they good? Major congratulations on the 4 stone weight loss; that is incredible. I swear, 2011 is gonna be the year I lose weight. Happy 2011 :) x

  6. May you have all you wish yourself in 2011....Happy New year!!

  7. Well I would fully copy this review format but I don't think my year has been nearly as interesting!

    A great big BRAVO from me on the weight loss. You've done so, so well.

  8. That is one eventful year! Haven't really taken the time to reflect upon 2010, but when I do try and think about it for more than 10seconds, I realise I don't really remember much of importance - my memory is so shit!!!


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