Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Inner Brat is silenced

So I've been feeling pretty sorry for myself for the past few days. On top of just generally feeling ashamed of my actions, there's been a bit of a physical recovery too. Today is the first day since Black Out 2010 that I've felt vaguely normal. I don't have a lump in the back of my throat from being sick so much, my abs and rib cage aren't as sore from all the heaving, my appetite is back to normal (having gone from not wanting anything at all, to wanting to eat the world and his wife) and I don't feel like a frail little person. Poor body I feel incredibly guilty for doing this to you.

But enough of the self pity! I have wallowed long enough and I have to thank you for your comments yesterday which provided me with the reassurance I needed. The conclusion is...

Yes I'm a tit but at it could have been worse. Now move on.

My Inner Brat has also been wallowing in self pity recently. It's been upset that no-one has actually asked it what it wants for Christmas and has been moangy and whingy that it's going to get rubbish presents that it doesn't even wants. The Brat is terrible self-centred you know.

However, yesterday, salvation came to The Inner Brat all the way in the post from the wilds of Liverpool. You see, Alex held a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway where lots of pretties were up for grabs. The Inner Brat loves giveaways so entered whenever it could. But it remained pessmistic (isn't that always the way with Inner Brats?) and didn't think it would win, it still holds a grudge that after all those Blue Peter competitions it never won a Blue Peter badge (that golden eagle stamp was freakin' amazing as well).

But oh joy of joys The Inner Brat won! It couldn't believe it. It did a jig. It spun me round in my office chair. It was so excited because not only had it won, it had won the thing it really really wanted. A rather beautiful egg box necklace.

Now I'd love to show you a picture of me wearing it but my camera is currently a little under the weather and my computer is not letting me steal the picture from Alex's blog so you will have to go to the original post here to see it. (And be jealous.)

So The Inner Brat is finally happy. It doesn't care that much about Christmas now because it has its eggbox necklace to make it feel spoilt and special.

And me? I'm just happy it's almost time to not have to work for a couple of weeks.


  1. oh how sweet it is!

    I sort of had a bit of a vision of a necklace made out of an egg box rather like some rather unattractive tree decorations we used to make at school when I was a tiny child.

    But it is a leetle gold egg box. super-cute!

    And, even if it had been made from an egg box a win is a win! Win!

  2. Haha, what more could you want from life than an eggbox necklace?!

    Glad you're feeling better x

  3. oh my god tell me about it, can't wait to finish work tomorrow night!!!

  4. I dont like to rub salt into wounds, but I have a Blue Peter Badge. I found a 13 leaf clover. xxx

  5. Trust Diane to get a badge :0) I never won one either.

    Great win - well done. And, I'm sure you'll get loads of stuff that you'll absolutely love for Xmas. No-body's asked me what I want either, but I'd be happy with box of Lindt chocolates or a pair of socks. I'm easily pleased and probably the easiest person in the World to buy for.

  6. Ah, well done on the winning. I too won a Blue Peter badge but it was nearly 40n years ago so for the life of me I can't remember why. AND to top it all I've lost it, probably in one of many house moves since.
    Hope you get all that your inner brat wishes for this Christmas.

  7. I've had the opposite problem - people have been asking me what I want for Christmas and I honestly don't know. I bet as soon as Christmas is over I'll think of loads of things I want though, then I'll have to go and spend my own money on them. Bah.

    Congrats on winning the giveaway, your new necklace is really cute.

  8. Good to meet such a girl. I like this girls awarenes, she isn't afrid to admit when she messes up. This girl is honest, and open and feminine. Rare qualities in anyone. Well doen girl.

    I'm down the road too in Lincs. Have a lovely Christmas and keep warm. Lobma xx

  9. Huzzah that it has finally arrived! I really am so pleased that you won - it's always fun to sooth an Inner Brat ;-)


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