Monday, 6 December 2010

The S Word

I can’t really not mention it can I? I know that you’ll all be sick of hearing snow-related posts but I feel I have to add my tuppence worth seeing as it is the most snow I’ve ever seen in my tender twenty seven years on this planet.

When I posted last Monday it was still a novelty and all was lovely in the world and bright and crisp. How I marvelled at the beauty of it all and pranced, gazelle-like in the flurries on my way to work.

Little did I know what was in store.

It was funny really because it just kept. getting. worse. Monday was pleasant, Tuesday was a little weird and by Wednesday full on chaos had broken out. By Thursday I was convinced it was never going to end, and that was before another 4 inches fell out of the sky that evening. When I woke up on Friday I felt completely freaked out.

In the back garden, early morning Friday 3rd December

It’s had a puzzling effect on people though. Snow days were pronounced throughout my work and for the life of me I couldn’t understand why. Yes a lot of snow had fallen and yes people’s cars were snowed in but in Hull the buses were still running (they were stopped once that I’m certain of last week and that was Thursday evening) and we have a pretty damn good bus service. But then it occurred to me what was wrong – I was looking at it through the eyes of a person who doesn’t have a car. I’m used to getting a bus and walking. Apparently when you do get a car nowadays it comes with a 5 year guarantee and a frontal lobotomy. It just did not occur to people that even though their car was snowed in, there were still plenty of other ways of navigating the city. I would know, I have to do it every single day regardless of the weather.

Why yes, yes I am ranting.

On Thursday afternoon I had a meeting, four of us should have been there. Three of us were there and of that three, one person was in despite a family member dying that morning and another person was in, having travelled in from the other side of the Humber Bridge, where they had it worse than we did. The one person that wasn’t there because of the snow? They live less than a mile away from the office. They should be walking in anyway so don’t get me started on them not coming in because their car (which I should also add is a 4x4 number) was snowed in.
Maud bravely ventures out.

People completely lost their heads. And you know what? Everyone needs to get a grip because you know what? This might be what the rest of winter is like? This might be what every winter is like from now on and we cannot just shut the whole country down when this happens. Man up Britain.

I won’t pretend I’m on some moral high ground here, on Wednesday when my boss told me I should go home because of the weather (he wasn’t in himself) I thought to myself “Why?!” but quite frankly, I don’t need to be told twice so I did go home and went in the garden and built a snowman. He could have been bigger but a) it was snowing whilst I was making him and b) it’s tiring building a snowman by yourself, Dorothy came out to take photos of my masterpiece and Maud did her best in a supervisory capacity but it’s really a job for more than one person.
Putting the finishing touches to Mr Creepy. I don't know why, but somehow instead of looking cute and adorable he came out looking like something out of a horror film.

Please don’t think I’m being flippant, this is seriously the worst snow I’ve seen ever. It’s been ridiculous, but come on everyone, let’s get a grip (literally as well as metaphorically, I fell over twice on the way into work today).

ALSO please note that this post only refers to those people who live in Hull and the surrounding areas, I know that places have had it much worse and bus services were stopped and people really did struggle to get in to work, please do not comment saying "Well I drive a car and the buses stopped so I couldn't get into work." A) I'm talking about Hull and B) this blog is just supposed to be a laugh, no need to get uppity.

And to prove how hilariously deep the snow has been here, I took this brilliant picture. The back story: I saw a pony, I wanted to touch it, I (like the moron I am) started to walk towards it, not noticing how far up the pony's legs the snow came and fell up to above my knees in snow. THEN I went back to reenact the event for this photo, except I wouldn't go that deep again so I just went up to my knees. I suffer for my art you know.


  1. I used to get annoyed when I travelled for hours and froze my butt off trying to get into work, only to find that some folk, who lived down the road, just couldn't be arsed.

    My oh my - you have had rather a lot of the white stuff up in Hull haven't you? Some of my friends living in the villages around York haven't even managed to get out of their driveways. Vehicles have just been abandoned in the roads.

    Regarding the Leaf Scarf I knit yesterday - it only took one ball of wool. So, even though the wool was expensive (£8.49 a ball, if I remember correctly), I made a Xmas present for under a tenner = Bargain!

  2. Yup, totally agree. If public transport is running then you're not snowed in. Even if you might have to walk down a few snowy streets to get to the bus stop. Still doesn't count.

    We've barely had any snow in Oxfordshire. But I've considered ringing in 'too-cold-to-go-outside' a few times :)

  3. All our snow in Leicester has gone (well apart from a few hardy specks on our lawn) but we've now got freezing fog which makes everything look like it's snowed again. It's weird!

  4. I live in south shields and work in Newcastle and we have had it really bad. I drive and can't use public transport for medical reasons, but I have managed to do the often dangerous drive into work every day. Some people really took the mick and stayed off. Loads and loads of bus and rail services were off, roads were too dangerous to use, it's been absolute chaos and a really trying time for me mentally (I get very very down when it's snows heavy, and with a history of mental illness I panic when I start to feel down)
    But yes, I still managed to get to work. It might have taken me half an hour to dig my car out every morning and taken over 2 hours to get to work but I still did it, so I totally understand your rant!!

  5. Oh don't get me started! I was in every day last week but three quarters of my team were 'snowed in', made me really angry that I was there answering their phones while they basically had a week's free holiday. I'd like to see how many were snowed in if their pay was docked! Grrr.

    I don't think your snowman is creepy, I like his round nose, but not sure how sensible a sunhat is in this weather!

  6. Thanks for the info about the embroidery :) I know what you mean about WW. I've wasted the first month's Monthly Pass fee cuz I've literally looked at the booklets like once, let alone actually pointed and weighed in! Must try harder. That's really bad @ the person who didn't turn up to the meeting! Love Maud and Mr Creepy. I had a hamster called Maud once, but everyone thought it was Mould. It's a great name! x

  7. The snow is fab! Ok so I work in a hospital so most people did actually make the effort to get to work. Patients also made the effort, especially those that live further away and have the worst of the snow. Those that live just down the road of course were....wait for it ....snowed in. Mind you some of. Them would have been snowed in with a couple of flakes. I think they stick up some peoples brains or something. Anyway having gone out on Sunday for a bit of a walk and some fresh air I'm now hole d up with a broken arm....on the up much more blobby time. Take care all

  8. We have been extremely lucky here in the Midlands. I know other parts of the country have had it bad. I hate the snow, the frost, the cold. Roll on Summer.....
    thanks for stopping by. I shall be acknowledging your comment in a special post soon, so I hope you will pop back,
    thanks a lot very kind of you!
    Love suex

  9. People who live that close to work and drive in (let alone in a 4x4, that's a whole other rant), need shooting. Or at least a good slap round the face.


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