Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Beast

It’s all Tabiboo’s  fault you know. She posted about a beautiful scarf that she made for herself and it made the green eyed monster flare up inside me. Her scarf was colourful and warm looking and The Beast within raged and stamped its feet and demanded a scarf of its own.

What I should have done is told it to just quiet down until I got Christmas out of the way because I had enough to do and no time or excuses to start crafting things just for me, but I failed miserably and The Beast rampaged out of control.

There’s loads of bits of wool lying all over this house” The Beast said. “I can have the most colourful scarf known to man.

I tried to tell it to calm down and just stop and think for a little bit before starting to crochet. Just stop and think about what I wanted it to look like and what stitches I was going to use and how wide I was going to make it. You know, just plan a little bit. But it was all to no avail.

The Beast took control and made me pick up a crochet hook and yarn and just start. The Beast didn’t want to plan, The Beast wanted to manifest as a scarf and so it crocheted and crocheted and crocheted and crocheted. By the time I wrested back control it was too late, The Beast had been born.

It is far too wide and The Beast chose to do double crochet stitches when really it should probably have chosen treble. But it’s a Beast and is fairly new to this crochet game so I’m going to let it off. And instead of being classily colourful like Tabiboo’s scarf The Beast has gone for some kind of riot and has turned itself into some kind of Doctor Who scarf on acid.

Man how hard is it to take pictures of a scarf around your neck and not get your face in!?

I regained control of The Beast eventually and told it it had to stop. There was other crafting to be done and it had to stop being so selfish and I finally had a grasp on things. But then I went to my Mum’s house and couldn’t take her blanket with me to work on and The Beast took over and before I knew it, the scarf had doubled in length over the space of the weekend.

It’s awful, I know it is. It is over the top and too much and is kind of wonky because The Beast got far too over-excited at times and managed to start wildly picking up stitches along the way, leaving me in its wake to try and decrease and make things even again. It’s horrendous. I’m almost ashamed of it and don’t really want to show you photos of it because I know it’s not a work of perfection.

Oh bless it, it really is wonky. I'm so embarassed.

But The Beast loves it and thinks it is a work of art.

And sometimes The Beast has to get its own way.

I’ll let you know when it’s finished.


If you're not bored of looking at snow pictures and want to see some more then pop over to my Flickr photostream where there's a whole album of snowy goodness for you to ooh and aah over.


  1. I think it's charming! I too am going for charming on my scarf which is also rather wonky, but for my first try I think that's OK.

    Hey you leave Dr Who's scarves in the shade when it comes to colourfulness! x

  2. Oh shut up - it's not awful at all. If you think it's too wide, can you not double it up. What I mean by that is fold it lengthways down the middle and sew the sides together - that way it'll be thinner and double the thickness, making it cosy warm. There's nothing wrong with it being of Dr Who proportions either - all the more for wrapping around your neck in this freezing weather.
    I spotted Tabiboo's scarf and thought that perhaps this may well be the beginners crochet project I could start on in the new year.
    Are you gonna put tassels on the ends of yours?
    Don't worry about getting your head in your photos, just crop the picture afterwards on your computer - that's what I do :0)

  3. It is, in fact, ACTUALLY AWESOME, I think you will find. Bravo, Beast, that's some good stripy manifesting you've done there!

    p.s please pm me your address as I would like to send you an xmas card. I've got stamps and everything!

  4. " I closed my eyes - thre back the curtains ahhh ahh to see for certain........." I am reminded of Josephs coat - it would go perfectly! xxxx

  5. My Beast would like to inform you that the scarf bloody rocks! Dr Who styling is the way forward. And frankly, I don't think it's possible for a scarf to be too wide.

  6. Hihi that is funny! Honestly, you need to smack that beast into submission!!
    For the photos, just crop your head out on the computer!

  7. Well, I just found you via another blog (Should have listened to my mother) and when I saw you were in Hull, I had to have a nose. Then I saw your scarf and it made me smile at the madness of it all. It's unique, a one-off, wear it with pride woman! You look like you might have red hair, am I right? If so, we redheads are a little mad and ditzy, and the older we get, the madder and ditzier we get (I was 60 this week so know what I am talking about you know!) so we do things like make mad scarves and wear them. Sometimes to the consternation of the person we are out with, but hey, who cares?
    Spent the first few years of my life in Hull, then a few years in my late 20s/early thirties near Driffield and then Beverley. Just thought I would mention that was why I was attracted to reading your blog.

  8. But it's gorgeous and anyway I love Doctor Who - have always wanted a Tom Baker scarf. Keep going I say - it looks fabulous and cozy and if the Beast is sedated then let it be.

    Nina xxx

  9. You crocheted this baby? Is crochet easier than knitting?! I really should give it a


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