Friday, 3 December 2010

More than a little bit in love...

....HA fooled you. I told you, I'm not talking about him.

I am however talking about this little minx,

Look at her the dirty little madam.

Words cannot express how much I enjoyed doing this embroidery and seeing it gradually come to life. Although I think my idea to do her hair in chain stitch has paid off, there were several times when I was cursing myself, wishing  I'd chosen a much more simpler method of filling in. The bodice was filled in using brick stitch which was a great way of filling in and was pretty quick and easy to do, giving a really nice finished effect.

I promise I'm not completely neglecting the fact that I have to get on with Mum's crocheted blanket, it just occured to me that this bag had to be sent off in the post to its recipient so I needed to get it finished as soon as possible whereas I can be feverishly working on Mum's blanket until the night before Christmas Eve! (And most probably will be.)

Quick question for those who may have embroidered on to things before - should I find some way of putting a backing on the work? I've tried to be as neat as possible and tie my ends in very thoroughly but I'm worried that putting things in and out of the bag might ruin the stitchery. Am I worrying unnecessarily? And if I'm not and I should be backing it - what the hell do I use and how the hell do I attach it?!


  1. I have no advice to give.

    I just wanted to say that the hair is ace. That is my favourite bit. Ace.

    And a bit Jessica Rabbit.

  2. Look at that saucy little fairy - looks like she's been up to some mischief!

    You definitely should put a backing on it.

    Did you say it was a bag? If it is, then line the entire inside and not just behind the image. It's easy enough to do (I can always email you a PDF of how to do it - I used it when I made my tote bag).

    She really is bright and sassy - I love it :0)

  3. Looks so good! No clue about your question, but will be interested to see what other people have to say about it!

  4. Haha I thought u were becoming all soppy on us!! This looks fab - really fab - I love it :)

  5. I know zip about embroidery stitches so can't help with your query but I just wanted to say that she's looking stunning!

  6. I'd say just line it as you would a normal bag but I fear it's a ready-made bag that you've embroidered onto?

    You could make a simple 'pocket' to fit inside the bag - a square, same size as the bag, sewn on three sides and hemmed at the top, then stitch that around the top edge, maybe do a blanket stitch in a contrasting colour?

    She's fantastic by the way - I love embroidery but am scared of it. I REALLY want to try freestyle machine embroidery that I saw Kirstie do the other night though! x

  7. That is AMAZING! I'd love to be able to do something like that. Where did you get it from if you don't mind me asking? Not that I'd be able to do it anyway as I can't do anything like that, ha! x

  8. I love her - such a saucy little minx. xxxx

  9. This is amazing! How on earth did you make it?! I have never done any embroidery like that! Well done :) xx


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