Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Done, done and done

And lo there was a Girl and she did decree that she would crochet a blanket to give unto her Mother upon celebration of the birth of Baby Jesus.

And so she toiled hard and long and many a time did curse her decision, none more so than when the revelation came unto her that she had crocheted some squares the wrong way round.

But she knew that her cause was great and the merriment would be much and thus pressed forward, wielding her hook against Satan himself, who sought to distract her with The Beast

After many days and nights of work the Girl did settle herself to watch the omnibus of Coronation Street and as the Street burned from the flames of a frankly bizarre tram crash the blanket was born into being.

And she saw it and pronounced it was good.

Not perfect, not amazing, but good.

And so, akin to a small child offering his parent a piece of paper with some pasta shells stuck upon it, shall she offer up her blanket unto her mother on Christmas Day and all will be well.

(And she’ll earn probably a billion Best Child in the World points. Suck on it older brother and sister.)
Blanket Number 4 of the year is officially done. Let me hear you say WOO!


  1. Hurrah - well done - she'll love it!

    Hmm, I thought it was just my nursery that had us stick pasta and lentils to a paper plate then spray-painted it gold and stuck a calendar on the bottom ... must be a universal thing!

  2. Excellent.

    And you got it all done in good time for Christmas.

    I think you've probably just got time to crochet one for me too!

  3. WOO!
    This blankie is definitely gonna score you highly in the 'Best Child in the World' stakes :0)
    Well done you - it looks amazing.
    I was speaking to the Rowan rep in John Lewis today and apparently they offer one to one 'FREE' crochet (or knitting) classes. How amazing is that? Guess what I'm gonna be learning in the new year? I can't wait.

  4. WOO!!
    Seriously, that is impressive! I haven't managed to finish 1 blanket this year, let alone 4!!!
    I did make a granny swear cushion cover for my mum for Christmas though :-)

  5. It's ace! She's going to love it. congrats on finishing blanket number four!

  6. WOOOOOO!!!!

    Looks fab hon x

  7. WOOHOO! :O) I have such a hard time keeping on track with big projects like this. I love the colors! She'll love it.

  8. WOO! Well done it looks fab. xxx

  9. YAY!!!
    good on ya!!
    I'd be so tempted to keep it though if I'd made it...it annoys me greatly that my ungrateful children refuse to share the blankets I crocheted for them.
    Em xxxxxx

  10. WOOO indeed! If your mum doesn't like it (which she will - you will earn MEGA daughter points!) I'll definitely have it! So, so beautiful.

  11. And it was decreed many years ago, that all mothers will love gifts made by their daughters... it's in the job description!
    She will love it, because you made it, because of the time and effort and love that went into it.
    This is why I make presents, and why I have always made my own cards. And in actual fact, the ones I made this year cost me, ignoring postage (and wouldn't we like to do that!) less than ten pence each.

  12. You are very productive! So cool...xxx


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