Sunday, 10 October 2010

Ask The Girl

Ah blog awards, they're like buses aren't they?

As well as receiving the Happy 101 award, Nic at Nic's Notebook also passed on the Versatile Blogger award.

Now apparently I need to tell you a few things about myself.

The thing is, I've done a few of these in my former blogging life and I can't think of anything to tell you that you won't have heard before.

So instead I'm throwing it open to you guys.

Is there anything you want to know about me? Something I've talked about that you want to know more about? Something I've mentioned that has you flummoxed?

No holds barred. Whatever you want to know you can ask. (Whether I answer is another matter entirely)

This week is going to be fairly busy for me workwise - I have to hobnob with important people and give important presentations, something which I'm never good at and spending a lot of time worrying about. Plus I seem to be having difficulties in my personal life - am I the only one who thought that girls left bitchiness on the playground and that things would be different in our mid-20s? - so I am unsure how much I will be around this week.

So, you have plenty of time to fire away, let's say you have until Wednesday 13th October to ask me anything you like.

Either reply in the comments section or send me an e-mail at (Put Q&A in the subject title or I might accidentally delete the e-mail thinking it's a request for help from Nigeria).



  1. 1. Why are you so awesome?
    2. What book should I read next?
    3. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
    4. Why are my questions so lame?

  2. Lol... My question is: What is your name??!!

  3. Okay . . . tell us about the first time you were drunk. Did you do anything stupid? (Please say yes!)

  4. I'd like to know more about your work, but appreciate that's probably sensitive information and you don't fancy being dooced, so. Huh. What's your favourite colour? (This isn't me being facetious, I do actually wanna know...!)

  5. This is quite hard because although you're somewhat mysterious I feel I know you quite well, but that may have something to do with my marathon-reading of your back-catalogue :s

    What is your favourite foreign place to visit?

    PS Sorry you're having trouble - a while ago I decided to cut out anyone in my life who caused bad feeling - just cut them out! They don't deserve you!

  6. Bitches seem to be around for life - and handling them doesnt get any easier! And people who you think are your true friends and turn out to be anything but!! I realise I have "Gullable" tattoed on my forehead now!
    My question is - who is your ideal man? and why?

  7. I suffered quite a lot of bitchiness when I transferred from Nottingham to Leeds a few years ago. I'm someone who won't pretend to be a person's best mate if I'm not, so I absolutely hate people who would pretend to be mine, whilst bitching about me to an accomplice as soon as I'm out of the room.
    I choose my friends very wisely these days.
    I mainly put bitchiness down to jealousy anyway. Those big chips, which have landed on their shoulders never leave those sad, sad people.
    Smile at them - it'll annoy them even more.
    Chin up, cheer up, smile and secretly poke 2 fingers up in the air every time you pass their way.
    I'm not much help am I?
    I'll shut up now.
    Jill x

  8. I would definitely like to know more about your job, if you're allowed to tell us. If not, tell us about your travels. Where's your favourite place in the UK/Europe/the whole world?

    And tv! I always think you can tell much about people by the type of tv they watch (please tell me you love West Wing and we'll be friends forever). What are your all time favourite shows?

    Oh, I LOVED Wedlock. Plus I was geekishly excited as my friend keeps her horse on a farm at Gibside and I hacked past the house a month or two when I was up there. So it made me jolly excited to read about it in such detail in the book.

    I really must settle down one evening and read your blog from the start.

  9. Hmm...not sure if I have any questions...think I know you pretty well...erm...what would be your dying meal if you could have one? What is your favourite book of all time and film? Er...where do you see yourself ideally in ten years time?! There you go...and as for bitchy girls...sigh...I shake my head...people need to grow up and get over it...I hope you get things resolved! xxx

  10. Hmmm I don't what that says about me (and your blog!) but I can't think of anything to ask you! god i'm so boring!
    anyway, wanted to say, about those bitchy girls, life is too short - i agree with what other people have said, if they're nasty/bitchy they just don't deserve your time and friendship

  11. Not related to questions, sorry, just wanted to say that I had a read of your last blog and it made me cry! You're so brave, I really admire you :)


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