Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Maggie & Maud Update

“How are Maggie and Maud?” I hear you ask.

Well let me tell you.
Maggie is hilarious to the max. She persists in giving the impression that she hates me with every fibre of her body. But only when Dorothy’s around. When it’s just me in the house I become the perfect substitute and she won’t leave me alone – she follows me about the house yowling and complaining that I’m not paying her any attention. If I’m sat at the table on my laptop she comes and sits beside me. When I go and sit on the sofa she will immediately climb (ungracefully it has to be said) up and sit as close to me as possible. She has even sat on my knee (she’s not a bigger sitter on knees kind of gal) but only when there’s no one else around to verify these facts.

This behaviour was brilliantly demonstrated recently. I had a half day and decided to put my pjs on and lie on my bed, have a read, mess about on the internet. I allowed Maggie to come up with me as a special treat. She lay her full length on the bed, she found a spot in the sun, she rolled about, she got upset when I lay down and turned my back on her, climbing over me to snuggle in against my front. Until it got to about the time when Dorothy would be due back from work, at which point she went downstairs to yowl and complain at Dorothy when she walked in to let her know how awful I was and how I’d been ignoring her.

The truth will come out though Maggie. There are photos to prove it...

Maud is a mysterious little creature. She spends most of her time outside, although as the nights draw in she is tending to stay in a bit more. She does her best to rile Maggie up by going and sitting as close to her as possible – she knows that although Maggie makes all the scary noises and hisses and growls at her, she never actually follows through on anything and secretly quite enjoys lying with her.

Maud’s most annoying trait is to not come in when you open the door and call for her, but to wait until you’re on the toilet or in the bath (our bathroom is downstairs by the way in case this doesn’t make sense) or making a cup of tea at which point she will howl relentlessly and pitifully to be let in and will not stop until the door is opened. This means that more often than not you’ll hear an exasperated cry from myself or Dorothy in the kitchen that will be something along the lines of “In a MINUTE Maud!”

She has also taken to Eddie’s trick (ah Eddie, I still can’t say your name without a tremor in my voice) of sitting on the garden wall, except instead of peering in at us, she somewhat creepily stares intently at the students who live in the house next door to us. She is an official Peeping Thomasina.


Here ends the Maggie and Maud update.


  1. What a great photo of Maud hanging her paws over the sofa :0)

  2. Well thanks very much for that, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  3. Yay! Maggie & Maud - two great cats by the sound of it! I love the way Maggie is best friends with you when you're on your own - wee rascal!

  4. Hurrah for the girls! I wish I'd called Sally Maud, I think she looks like a Maud and Mavis & Maud sounds good (like Maggie & Maud), but she'd been called Sally for a few weeks before I thought of Maud and I felt bad confusing her.

    How many times can you write 'Maud' before it stops looking like a real word?

  5. Maud is gorgeous - I do love stripey cats!

  6. AHA! Photographic proof! Private Eye The Girl snaps another deceiving cat IN THE ACT! There is no hiding from her lens. All your secrets will be held up to the scrutiny of humans on the internet! Cats everywhere, fear The Girl Detective!

  7. Oh look at my beautiful girls. Maud was called Maud because my married name was Ford and we liked the rhyme.

  8. Hahaha, we used to have a sneaky cat like Maggie. Any new person that came through the door got chapter and verse (in meow form, obv) about what a poor starving cat she was and how nobody loved her and could she pleeeeeeeeease have some food now?

    The paw photo of Maud is awesome.

  9. Maggie is so fickle, but the camera doesn't lie!

  10. Cats...gotta love them...so much personality...I need one...desperately...Marley was being a right moaner yesterday for food...so funny when they mew...xxx


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