Sunday, 3 October 2010

Patchwork Blanket - Finished.

This little patchwork bad boy is finished. Let’s hear a hurrah!


He hasn’t taken me too long to get sorted actually, started on 31st August and finished on 27th September so just under a month. But let’s remember that;

a) I had a week long holiday which meant I could spend a lot of time on it
b) I had a boring work trip to Liverpool which involved me spending whole evenings in a hotel room with nothing else to do but crochet.
c) I had an ill-fated day waiting in for a parcel that never turned up so spent a whole day on it
d) It’s only bloody small

The final size comes out at about half a single bed, maybe a little more (actually it's a lot more, that's my double bed it's on). It’s more than big enough to go over your lap, I would know I had lots of fun being warm beneath it when I was doing my edging and if I curl up into a little ball it covers me completely (yes I did a test. No there aren’t photos) and my friend is easily half the size of me so I reckon it will do the job just fine.

Only downside is that I really don’t want to give it to her. Like really don’t. I want to keep it.

I guess I will just have to make one for myself when Christmas is over and I can make things just for me again.

The edging did end up being pretty monstrous – I weighed up for a long time about whether to do more squares or not. At the end of the day it came down to cost. I didn’t want to do more squares but then have to buy more wool to do the edging, especially as I couldn’t even be sure the same colours would be available from the cheapazoid basket at my local wool shop. So I decided to go round a few times instead, finishing off with some red wool which I thought would complement the red wool I used on the underside to join the squares together.

Then I spent a long time taking photos and complaining that it’s TOO DARK to take photos now and I couldn’t get any that properly showed off the colours.

I am pleased with him. He’s a happy little number. And special because I designed him all by little self.

So there we have it. I can officially tick one person off my Christmas present list. Get in. And it’s only cost me £10. If you don’t factor in labour, because if you did you would have to charge people trillions of pounds. I think this is what you call a labour of love you know.


What next?


  1. Scheduled posts? I'm just intrigued as to why they tend to appear at oddly precise times of the pre-working day?

    In other news: love it; want it; jealous.

  2. That is gorgeous. I'm sure your friend will love it. It's always so hard to part with projects you have spent a lot of time with. Putting it away helps because you let it go but it's not staring you in the face either.

  3. It's fab! Really like the colours. I bet your friend will love it.

  4. Well done you. I'm sure your friend will love it.

  5. Great! Well done its gorgeous, your friend will b so pleased! You can always make another for yourself!!!

  6. Wow, that's gorgeous! Wish I knew how to crochet - making something that beautiful would be such an achievement. I've been boshing away at presents for people this weekend so am now feeling very virtuous and pleased with myself.

  7. Let it be know - I am in LOVE with your blanket, your friend is very very lucky ;)

  8. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm so peeed off, now i have worked out how to actually crochet properly my tension is all over the place! grrr

    p.s byootiful

  9. She's going to love it, it's brilliant! Still can't get over the fact it only cost you £10 - why is everything so cheap up north?!!

  10. Ooooh you're so clever - it's brilliant! PS - There are 2 blog awards for you over at & I have added you to my Blogroll as well :) xx

  11. What's next? One for me? It's amazing - love it! x

  12. PS - feeling your pain with the darkness! We should be allowed to work half days in the winter so we can get to see some actual daylight.

  13. You should be very proud - it is stunning! Make yourself one next and make it big...then you won't feel so sad about letting this one

  14. Wow - you're a blankie machine! I still think I'm the bees knees cos I managed to finish one (small) blankie. You, you're the knees, thighs, hips, other bee parts! Maybe the bee antennae.

  15. That's amazing! Your friend will love it and you can't beat a homemade gift!


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