Thursday, 7 October 2010

Fur fix

I am being a surrogate Mum again, this time not for three guinea pigs, but for my favourite ‘Children’.

The Fred and the Lily.

Have you missed them? I have. I miss my regular Fredders and Bilster time and miss being able to have them at the flat and generally laugh at them doing stupid things. I feel like since I split up with the ex I see them less although I know that this can’t really be the case because I’m sure I see more of my Mum now (and if I don’t I seriously need to reassess my position as Best Daughter Ever). It’s bizarre. But I definitely feel there has been an absence of them on this blog since I started it.

I must rectify that immediately.

Mum is off to see my sister until Sunday so I have my little suitcase packed up (yes it does need to be a suitcase to include laptop and clothes and food and wool and embroidery thread and all other components of my transportable world) and I cannot wait to get to Mum’s house to see my favourite furry faces.

I love them an awful lot you know. My voice goes very creepy and high pitched when I talk about them and I usually end any story about them screwing my face up and saying “I just want to squish their little faces!”

(Hey I’m a self-confessed Crazy Cat Lady. You can’t judge.)

I love them so much that when I go to stay with them I talk to them.

And put blankets on them.

And shove my cameras in their face so much that they start to look as if they’re giving me evils in their photos.

And I love them despite the fact that when I try and take a picture of me with them they move forward and take up the whole ruddy photo with their face so you can only see my ear.

I'm a happy bunny.


  1. Love your piccies. Isn't it hard to take cat photos?

  2. Cats are so much more awesome than dogs. They don't destroy post and don't poop everywhere. YAY CATS.
    Also I like Dianes comment :D

  3. Your pics are wonderful, I love the evils one! That made me laugh out loud. I understand completely, I am like that with my dogs, some times when I hug them I want to consume them! I cover them up too, and natter on and on and on to them... lucky blighters! Enjoy your cat time , you insane cat woman you! Susie xxx

  4. love the photo where it looks like it's giving you evils!!!

  5. Oooh it is the first time I have met these 2 cuties!! They are only coming forward to give you a kiss when ur taking pics of them! Mine do the same and really headbut the camera lol! Purrr xxx

  6. I don't think that cat is appreciating your blankie enough. And you can tell him that from me.

  7. Loving the blanket on the cat...can't wait to hear and see more!!!

  8. I cna identify with wanting to "squish their little faces" - I like to grab my cats' heads and kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss them until they bite me on the face.

  9. Yeah - more Fred and Lily love :0)

    Love the 'Evil Cat' photo.



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