Friday, 8 October 2010

Happy 101

Some time ago, the rather delightful Nic at Nic’s Notebook gave me the Happy 101 award. Now I know what some of you may be thinking, “She’s already got that one, she blogged about it before”. But you see technically technically I got that award on the old blog and really, seeing as this is a fresh new start I think that all awards are cancelled and can be received anew on this blog instead.

That’s my line, and I’m sticking to it.

The problem I have is that I’ve already passed on these awards to all of you who’ve been crazy kind enough to stick with me into this new blog so I don’t really have anyone to pass it on to but I did think on one little person who is new to the blogging business and might appreciate a little award love.

So I present this to you...Lucy from Tete en l’air.


So I'm afraid Lucy you now have the dubious honour of passing this on to other people and also listing 10 things that make you happy. Them’s the rules. Plus you get this pretty little picture to put on your blog. Happy days.

So. What makes me happy?

1. CRISPS. It should be apparent to all who have read this blog for only a short time the depth and breadth of my love for these salty snacks. Even though my intake has dramatically reduced since starting Weightwatchers (I’d forgotten you could actually buy single packs of crisps I’d been buying family sized bags and eating them in one go for so long) I still get a crisp fix most days.

2. CATS. The love for cats should be as apparent as the love for crisps. I’m not a one cat woman, my love goes out to all felines – Fred and Lily, Maggie and Maud, Eddie and any cat who comes within 12 feet of me which I will, without exception, try and touch.

3. LOSING WEIGHT. Sorry but it’s true. I was asked in my meeting this week how I felt now that I’ve lost 3 stone and I said that I felt happier. I was starting to become a miserable little bitch when I was overweight (granted there were relationship problems thrown into the mix as well) and it’s hard to be happy for other people when you’re miserable yourself. I feel like a happier person generally nowadays.

4. THE GYM. My god, what’s happened to me?! I’ve had my soul stolen by an invasion of the gym-snatchers. But I’ve found that I do enjoy working out now – I like feeling like I’ve really exercised and done something and I like that I am making slow but sure improvements in my stamina and strength the more I go. The gym is also a lot more pleasurable now that I’ve lost weight, my fitness has improved dramatically now that I’m not lugging all that extra mass around.

5. SOUP. Now that I’m completely over my irrational soup fear it’s become my best friend and I’m all up for trying out new recipes. What makes me particularly happy is that I can make it and freeze it in batches so I don’t have to think about what I’m having for lunch each day.

6. CROCHET. I’ve finally mastered something other than a granny square! Ok, so it’s a granny stripe (pictures coming next week hopefully) but still it’s something different. I love the process of crocheting, and that it builds up very quickly, making it more immediately satisfying than cross stitch or embroidery can be.

7. AUTUMN. I’m pretty sure the blogosphere is over-represented by people who like Autumn, it’s all anyone’s been talking about lately. Unless it really is just everyone’s favourite season? I will join the hordes and out myself as an Autumn lover – I’m all in favour of seasons that encourage us to layer up and cover our bodies in clothes.

8. THE APPRENTICE. I’m so pleased this is back on the telly box. It makes me so happy to watch it because I can think to myself that however badly my life might be going I can be reassured that I’m not as big of a tit as some of those contestants are. (Anyone see the first episode this week? Dan as Project Manager? He’s done an excellent job at talking himself out of future employment. What an idiot.)

9. BOOKS. You know I can’t get enough of them. You all quietly tolerate my monthly book updates and I am thankful for that (but don’t worry this was a 2010 feature only!).

10. TRAIN JOURNEYS. Makes me sound like a bit of a mentalist but I swear I have valid reasons. I’m not brilliant at sitting still and always, especially lately, seem to be rushing about places and seeing people and doing things. Train journeys are like a gift of time – you are forced to sit down in one place, quietly for an extended period of time, without having to feel like you should be up and doing something more productive. Plus, there’s the whole excitement of reaching your final destination to take into consideration.

What was interesting is that I actually went back and found the post when I got this award originally just to see what my 10 things that made me happy then were. I think I can basically conclude that crisps, books and cats are the only constants in my life!


  1. I love The Apprentice. I have a slight Grandad-crush on Lord Alan. Don't tell anyone! The first episode was fab, keeping them all up all night making sausages, brilliant! Dan was awful but I think that other younger guy will be just as bad.

  2. Wow - some changes here since last! Soup?! So glad you got over that one! And it is true the gym can become fun...there is a way...

    But as for weight - yes! It is great to lose it but argh! Here in the US it is a bloody pain...treats are everywhere and having to keep my guard up is proving impossible living with our friend 'feeder jean'...all the weight I lost in france is going to pile right back on is not fair!!! :( xxx

  3. I was shouting at the screen within the first minute of the Apprentice this week. Its going to be a good series.
    I like train journeys as well, I can (in theory) get stuff done, and I don't feel ill. Hooray!

  4. Yay!! Yes I think you're fully entitled to start over with your blog awards! I love The Apprentice too :) PS - I still don't know your real name lol... Maud?

  5. Awww, thanks - my first award! I shall think long and hard about what to put...

    I feel you on the crisps, especially Pringles but now that I'm living with the Boyfriend I can't really get away with eating a whole tube at once - I suppose that's a good thing :(

    Well done on the 3 stone weightloss! I lost half that last year and have kept 2/3 of it off - and it is hard but very rewarding. Are you aiming for more?

    OK off to have a think...

  6. I would like to see your book reviews continue. if possible. In 2011. I really rather enjoy them.

  7. Please don't stop the book reviews - I love hearing them.

    I'm absolutely gob-smacked about the losing 3 stone. That's like a whole Violet!!!!!!!

  8. the gym??? honestly??? what has got into you? where's the real girl gone??!!
    as for the soup, well I'd like to say I take complete credit for that! having got you to try the lentil and chick pea soup ;-)
    and finally the apprentice - oh my goodness honestly are these people for real??!!!!! i want to see that girl with the short blonde hair go, i find her so irritating!!

  9. I've been (trying) to do WW too! Sounds like you've done great so far! Hopefully reading your blog will give me the giant kick in the bum I need!


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