Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Crazy Cat Lady Part 5: Eddie (again)

I am the bearer of sad news.

It would appear that while I’ve been a busy bee lately I neglected to notice the disappearance of my favourite man out of my life.

The thought suddenly came to me the other week, after weeks of not coming home until after dark and cat-sitting and general work woes I turned to Dorothy and said the fateful words:

“Have you seen Eddie about lately?”

She looked a little shifty and a little uncomfortable and with one swift sentence she broke my heart:

“I think he’s moved.”

I stayed in denial for a couple of days, he’d be back, he always appeared, I never went more than a couple of days without seeing him. But I started to work backwards. Just how long had it been since I last saw him? A week? Two weeks?

I was confronted with the awful truth one morning when I opened my bedroom curtains to realise that Eddie’s house looked different. The Hull City flag which used to hang in the bathroom window was no longer there. It really was true, he was gone.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to you that I have actually shed a little tear about this. (I know Diane in particular is shaking her head in exasperation at this point. Yes I really do love cats that much.) I didn’t even get to say goodbye to him. What happened when he got to his new place and went outside looking for me and couldn’t find me? What if they didn’t take him with them and put him in a shelter or worse? These questions have been going round my head on a loop.

Never again will I scoop up the big lump and look at his gormless face. Never again will I tell him to get out of Maud’s personal space because he gets too close to her. Never again will I despair at the dirtiness of his face and the fleas on him (probably won’t miss that bit). Never again will I go outside to see his big fat black and white face peering at me over the top of the shed roof. And never again, will I look up from tapping away at my laptop to see him sitting on the wall and peering in at me.

Farewell Eddie von Grumpy Face.


  1. Oh that really is sad, he was a cheeky chappie too wasn't he. But I'm sure he'll find another 'Just Me' at his new home. At least he's still alive and kicking. Don't be too sad. S x

  2. The thing with cats is that they just dont care about humans. Eddie will have moved on and not given you a second thought. Wheras a dog would be faithful to you for life. I'm sure another moggy will be turning up shortly. xxx

  3. Ooooh nooo so sorry he has moved away. I would feel the same if one of my wee visitors disappeared. You will have to go out hunting for a replacement lol..

  4. Aww, I'm sorry to hear that :( But at least you know he's OK, just in a different place. I'm sure he misses you too!

  5. Oh boo that is very sad indeed... have the new people not got a cat then? :-(

  6. Is there another local one that you can borrow? I'd send Oscar round for hugs if it wasn't so far!

  7. OH, Diane...

    And you're wrong. Eddie never got food from The Girl, or a warm house (Maggie wouldn't let him in) he just used to come over to say hello and be stroked. He loved her.

  8. I totally get it. I had a little feline friend that I called Glom. Because he "glommed" onto me and made a real nuisance of himself. But he was so sweet! I am the one that moved though.....

  9. oh dear! So sorry to hear this...but you don't know that...the world has its wonderful ways...it may work out yet! xxx

  10. I'm sure he's got a lovely new home and lovely new neighbours who are laughing (nicely) about his funny gormless face. Like I am.


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