Friday, 15 October 2010

Your questions answered - Part Two

Diane asked: who is your ideal man? and why?

I’m not sure if you mean ideal man as in someone famous or not so I’ll have a stab at this one. I’ve never been someone who falls in love with a public figure really, there are people that I’ll go “HELL-o. How fit are you?” and enjoy watching but there’s no one that I think to myself “Yes. I will marry you immediately.” The last person I thought that about was Robbie Williams and I was a very young girl.

My ideal man would just have to make me laugh. Sounds clichéd but it’s true. Speaking as someone who sometimes feels pressure to be Mrs Life and Soul, I need someone who can match me in that way. All too often in the past I’ve gone for the quiet types, thinking that they’re what I need to calm me down but it’s a mistake I’m determined not to repeat again. I need someone to bounce off and have fun with. I need someone who’s not going to be embarrassed if I suddenly yell in public because I’ve seen something hilarious or when I chase a cat down the street, trying to stroke it. I need someone lively and I don’t mean someone who can have fun when they’ve had a couple of drinks, I need someone who is naturally sparky.

Mostly I just need someone to talk to. I’ve had that sinking feeling when you realise that you just have nothing to say to the person sat next to you and it’s not something I wish to repeat. I need someone strong in their own mind and opinion to have an actual conversation with. I don’t want a yes man. Have your own opinion. Voice it. Otherwise life is going to be interminably dull.

Alex asked: I would definitely like to know more about your job, if you're allowed to tell us. If not, tell us about your travels. Where's your favourite place in the UK/Europe/the whole world?

And tv! I always think you can tell much about people by the type of tv they watch (please tell me you love West Wing and we'll be friends forever). What are your all time favourite shows?

Ok so the job stuff I covered in the last post, it really is as much as I can reveal I’m afraid. And the travel stuff I guess I’ve covered in answer to Lucy’s question in the last post as well. I’m a contrary old soul and can’t pick just one place that’s my all time favourite.

As for tv...

I do love the West Wing. So much so that I have all the box sets. Other all time favourites include the usual suspects of Friends and Sex and the City but I also had a huge fondness for the X-Files (which I need to start collecting on DVD) and Six Feet Under (which I have started collecting on DVD). There was also a series on BBC 2 aeons ago back before The Office and other mockumentaries were a twinkle in people’s eyes, it was called People Like Us and is one of the funniest things I ever watched. If you can get hold of a DVD of the series I promise you will laugh. (And if Father Christmas is listening, I found Series 2 and I want it. Now.) And I can’t believe I haven’t talked about Flight of the Conchords. They’re in there. Obviously.

Curious Cat asked: Hmm...not sure if I have any questions...think I know you pretty well...erm...what would be your dying meal if you could have one? What is your favourite book of all time and film? Er...where do you see yourself ideally in ten years time?!

Anything with pasta in it. And I mean an.y.thing. I love pasta because I can eat MASSIVE quantities of it and still have room for more (which is why it is probably dangerous for me). I love it covered in tomato based sauce. I love it covered in creamy sauce. I love it with meat, or without. Pasta me up people. And the more cheese it has on it the better as far as I’m concerned.

Like I said earlier, I suck at the picking a favourite game. I really really love the film Sideways, although I don't know if it's my favourite or not, and books? Ugh. Don't make me pick! This is hard because I guess people would normally pick the book they're re-read the most but I never re-read books so I don't know.

Ten years time. Seriously?! I can barely see where I am in 10 days time, let alone 10 years. Hopefully I’ll have a real-life career by then and figured out what I want to do. I’m hopefully on the way to achieving that already but I desperately need to start to be challenged in some way or my brain is going to completely atrophy. I would also love to have figured out the game of love, have a ring on my finger and a baby in the house. Oh yeah. I’d like to own a house in 10 years time but I increasingly (and terrifyingly) have begun to realise that that seriously might not happen.

Thank you for depressing me.
Aaaaaand I'm done.

I hope I've answered all the questions well enough for you, apologies if I've caught the wrong end of the stick in a few places.

Actually it was way harder than I thought. Damn you all!


  1. I discovered Flight of the Conchords like 3 days ago! It's so good! Love Murray :D

  2. Thanks for answering my question. Humour is one of the very best qulities to have in relationships that are expected to last any length of time - it can get you through bad patches. xxxxx

  3. OH EM GEE! how did I not know that you were a "People Like Us fan"? I love it, we need to talk about this. It's also the programme where I first saw my future husband...

  4. Well shame on me for being a complete div and not realising that people had already asked some of the questions I wrote down! I'm very pleased you're a West Wing fan :)

  5. Amazing how you get to know someone through a blog!
    What a lot of information!
    I hope you are keeping well and enjoying life.
    Love Suex

  6. People Like Us ... Did that have Rob Brydon in it? And possibly Peter Kay as an ice-cream man? I think I'm thinking of the same thing - you're the only person I know who's seen it! It was amazing!

    Also with you on the pasta and the sad realisation thing. When I was younger I always thought I'd have a lovely old red-brick house but actually I'm pretty sure I won't, in fact I'll struggle to afford a deposit for a cardboardy new build :( Yes, you've depressed me now too.

  7. YES! That Peter Kay Thing from before he was famous - really enjoyed it! I think the Rob Brydon thing I'm thinking of had Marion and Geoff in it but it came before that ... Sod it, I've googled it - it was Human Remains.

    Also googled People Like Us but I don't think I've seen it! :S


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