Friday, 14 January 2011


I’m not normally given to writing posts about how amazing it is that it’s Friday – we all know that Fridays are brilliant and should be worshipped like the Gods that they are. But today I’m making an exception because I could not be more pleased that Friday is finally here.

This week has been strange to say the least. It has been characterised by intense highs, followed by crashing lows. I don’t think I’ve been on an emotional binge like it in quite some time.

Work has been pretty horrible, I found out that I’m probably going to be made redundant in May, I’m generally not happy there and have just felt drained by it constantly at the moment.

My home life has been plagued this week also with a few things going wrong that have caused me extra expense, stress and anxiety.

But in stark contrast to this I’ve had some amazing things happen to me thanks to you lovely people. When I wrote that post a week ago I didn’t expect my inbox to get quite so many e-mails offering me help. I had offers of clothes, offers of food, offers of aida, even the Crown Prince of Nigeria got in touch to say he had some money to send my way if I could help him out with some wait. That might have been spam.

If I was poet I would say that they were like spangly bits of sunshine in an otherwise rainy, stormy day, or that they were like a spoonful of sugar in the bitter coffee of life. But then I’d realise that I was a really crap poet and I’d settle for saying that they were just really nice things that happened, that made me smile and made me remember that life wasn’t a complete slimeball of grease and nasty stuff.

Like Heather who has introduced me to the delights of and possibly sparked an obsession which could lead me into further financial ruin were I to succumb to the temptation of getting a weekly box delivered to work (instead I’m thinking maybe a once a month treat).

Or agirlinwinter who has made sure that my resolution to make a Christmas card each month is well and truly back on track for this year and probably in 2012 should I wish to go for it.

Or Her Royal Highness The Lady Mooncalf  who has ensured the arrival of (amongst other things) skinny jeans into my life, meaning I’m only several years too late joining a fashion trend.

My moods might have swung like Tarzan over the past week but I every low has made me appreciate every high a little bit more.

Having said that, my goodness am I glad this week is over. Hopefully that’s an end to the extremes, I’d rather just have a level playing field from now on please.

Plus. There’s only one week left to pay day. I might be limping there like the poor child who gets their feet taffled up together in the egg and spoon race and arrives at the red tape sniffling and snuffling and snotting all over the place, but I’ll get there nonetheless.


  1. Sorry you've had such a yuk week. And that is bad about your job - but if you're not happy there, maybe it's a blessing in disguise. It'll force you to look extra hard for something else, something you'll be happier doing? So nice that everyone has been so supportive, it really does make a difference doesn't it? Enjoy your weekend my lovely xx

  2. Ah I'm glad that you've had some bright spots this week, and some parcels. I'm heading to the post office tomorrow (or bribing someone else to go if I'm still feeling so horrendous).

    Well here's to next week being better. And yes, shitty news about the job but that gives you a good 6 months to start looking elsewhere. Good luck!

  3. High Five Friday!

    Except it's Saturday now. But High Five Weekend!

  4. Fridays are a good day and pleased your week is over! I'm counting the days till the working week is over!

    Have a great weekend,

    Victoria xx

  5. Fridays are my favourite day too. Ive been made redundant 3 times (or is it 4?) and each time gone on to better things - sometimes its the kick up the bum you need to make the change. Start tarting up your CV now so you are ready to rumble (in the words of Ant and Dec) and once you have worked through the crapiness and injustice of it all, I bet you quite enjoy the challenge. By the way, I am planning on clearing out my closet tomorrow as I know I have some Aida in there that I won't ever use and I plan on recylcling it your way.

  6. Aww sorry to hear about the job - my contract is only til July and very very uncertain. People always say you'll find something better but 'in the current climate' it's hard to imagine isn't it?

    Sounds brill all the pressies you've been getting. I too was a latecomer to skinny jeans last summer but you can't get me out of them now (sometimes literally - ha!) Hope you're ok xxx

  7. Ok, here's a sentence I never say myself typing-aren't skinny jeans great?
    There, I said it. I am no fashion victim but like you, being a tad smaller now than this time last year I think we deserve a pair of skinny jeans in our lives Missis! Yes indeed. Not brave enough to wear without a long top yet though.

  8. Ah well I was about to say thank goodness for Friday (I felt the same as you that day) but now it is bloody Monday again...

    So sorry to hear about the redundancy but perhaps now is your chance to seize the day and get a better paid role? Fingers crossed and like I said if you need help let me know! xxx


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