Friday, 28 January 2011

Crazy Cat Lady Part 7: Maggie and Maud update

Oh my goodness it’s been so long since I did a Maggie and Maud update. How is this possible? You must have been crying out, desperate to hear word of them and I have ignored your calls. You must forgive me.


I know I keep saying this but she does really love me. No she really really does. At Christmas, there were a few days where it was just me in the house and she became my best friend. She followed me about everywhere – by which I mean she would lie down and sleep near to where I was sitting and then get up and yell at me if I dared to move into the kitchen.

However she still persists in pretending she doesn’t like me when anyone else is around. It is getting better and if she’s feeling in the mood will get down from the settee where she’s been sleeping on her behind all day and shamble over to see me when I get in from work, yowling the whole way over so I appreciate the attention that she’s paying to me.

She had a rough old time of it over Christmas though. The snow and generally cold weather meant that Maud stayed in a lot more than she normally does and unfortunately seemed to get a slight case of cabin fever which she took out on Maggie by generally irritating her any way she could, including jumping on her out of the blue when Maggie was minding her own business. Maggie is a true “bark is worse than bite” type of cat – the noises and hissing she makes are absolutely dreadful but she has never once scratched me. Maud will jump on her and Maggie will make all the noises, but she just seems incapable of actually fighting back.

One of my favourite pictures of Christmas is this one that I took of them both on my bed one morning. Maggie appears to have erected a Maud barrier to get some peace and quiet.


Apart from spending large amounts of time irritating Maggie – her favourite game is to lie down and stretch out so that her paw is as close as it’s possible to get, without actually touching Maggie. It drives Maggie round the bend and Maud can sit there innocently and say “What?! I’m not even touching you!” – Maud has been her usual happy go lucky self.

She did not really enjoy the snow, she would ask to go out and then get upset with the white stuff and return indoors to bug Maggie some more. She did venture outside however when I went out to build Mr Creepy the snowman and once it began to melt and she wasn’t sinking in up to her stomach she went outdoors a bit more.

The biggest news however is that Maud appears to have a boyfriend.

On 3rd January Dorothy and I discovered a new visitor of the feline kind sat on the wall outside the kitchen peering in. Initially mistaken for Lady Celestine of Shedley it appears that this guy is in fact, well, a guy, and has been christened Baghera. He has been sighted a few times since but last Saturday I spotted some illicit nose-kissing going on between them.

I did point out to him that it’s kind of rude to go about snogging little girl cats when you haven’t even properly introduced yourself to the humans who live in her house but he didn’t say much, he’s kind of a cool customer. He doesn’t run away from you but he won’t really come near you either. I sat on the kitchen step for a ridiculous amount of time and he eventually deigned to sniff my hand, but rejected my attempt to actually stroke him. Rude.


Here ends the Maggie and Maud update.


  1. Thank goodness! I didn't like to say anything but I was quietly tutting and shaking my head at the paucity of cat information.

  2. Oooooh a boyfriend eh? He looks like my big Jinx (will have to check it's not him lol). I think the relationship between cats who live in the same house is so funny. We have one who is so fiesty and she annoys the hell out of the other 2!!

  3. You'll get there with Baghera - have you tried him with some Dreamies? Maud is so cute in her little hat :)

  4. So rude. He needs to get over himself...what a dick. We often call our Marley a dick - because...well he is.

    Buba needs to do a blog has been ages...

    Love reading up on the kittycat goings on! xxx

  5. Ah, the "I'm not touching you" game. Otherwise known as "I'm not on your side of the car" when I was younger.

    What a floozy Maud is.


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