Friday, 21 January 2011

Alternative Therapy

So there I’ve been for the past couple of weeks, feeling sorry for myself and counting down the hours and minutes until payday, when I realised that really I needed to stop. I had food. I had a roof over my head. Enough with the misery.

And then I remembered that the last time I was feeling a little consumed with myself and my own problems I diverted my attention to a slightly more worthy cause than my own pity party.

And so I turned back to SIBOL and decided to do something useful with my time seeing as I wasn’t going to be spending any money having fun. There’s loads of yarn hanging about the place from all the blankets that have been made, even The Beast didn’t use all that up so this was going to be no cost and would make me feel happier with myself. 

If you weren’t in the know, SIBOL is run by the rather incredible Mrs Twins who decided that she would like to make some blankets to give to elderly people in care homes. People from all over the world have joined her and she has a steady stream of crocheted and knitted squares flowing through her letterbox which she then joins together to make the blankets.

Sometimes I wish I could be selfless like that instead of the whingey mess I’ve been lately. Bad girl.

Although she accepts any kind of square in any colours there are also challenges people can take part in which ask for specific squares to make into themed blankets.

A quick scan provided me with the perfect option. 2-tone granny squares in green. Whilst I would love to take part in some of the other challenges I am aware that my crochet skills are still firmly in the remedial section of the class, crocheting actual pictures or flowers or anything like that are not within my grasp just yet.

And so I spent a bangin’ Saturday night sat on the sofa, crocheting my little brain out. And then I thought that really I should stop saying I’m rubbish at crocheting and try something a little different so I whipped out the Jan Eaton book and had a go at one of her patterns. But then it turns out that actually that wouldn't work as part of the challenge, which was just your bog standard type of granny squares. Hey. At least I tried. Pat on the head for me.
Once pay day is upon us, I will scurry down to the Post Office (yes seriously, I can’t afford postage. Tragic.) and send my little offerings.

And so once again SIBOL and Mrs Twins have come to my rescue and allowed me to put my feelings of pathetic losership on hold for a while and actually contribute to something worthwhile. I’m hoping she’s not going to start charging for the therapy she’s providing me with.


  1. I'm sorry that I laugh at your posts - I feel guilty for doing so. Lovely squares and a great cause. xxxxx

  2. Well Rebecca, this is a really frank post! I m so pleased you have enjoyed making the Squares. I often say to Ladies that I am so grateful for the Traditional Granny Square. Please dont ever feel your crocheting is not good enough, because it is! I'll be very happy to receive just grannies you know I would!
    Try not to let things get you down now. I do think crocheting takes your mind off your worries, certainly relaxes me!
    The Jan Eaton book is very good because I think it caters for everyone and the instruction book is so easy to follow.
    I really appreciate you doing this post for SIBOL too! Your Squares look gorgeous, and I'm most grateful to you.
    So remember if ever you want to use even the tiniest bit of yarn up, think of SIBOL!
    Have a good weekend, Suex

  3. P.S. Of course i won't charge for the therapy! ha.ha.! x

  4. Your crochet is far better than anything I could ever achieve.
    SIBOL sounds like a fab way to get rid of remnant yarn - I always seem to have half a ball of this and that.
    Have a lovely weekend :0)

  5. Don't worry about being rubbish crochet at crochet - I'm on my very first square ever, for the green granny challenge. My tension is rubbish, but I hope to get there in the end! Yours look a lot neater than mine!

  6. Err, how do those beautiful little squares class you as remedial? They look pretty perfect to me! What a lovely thing to be part of.

  7. Rebecca,
    Thanks for the two two Green Granny squares, they are absolutely gorgeous!I love the two shades of green, they are certainly going to look lovely in our Sunshine Blankets.
    Many thanks for joining in,
    Hugs Suex

  8. This post made me smile...already wrote a truck load of stuff here today so off now to seek out more positive


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