Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Toady toad

I've been having trouble lately with my blogging, I just don't seem inspired to write about anything. I hate to blame January and the post-Christmas blues but I don't know what else could have sucked all the joy out of stuff at the moment. Is this something that anyone else is finding? My Google Reader suggests otherwise, as blog after blog after blog churns out posts whilst I stay relatively quiet.

I try and make it worth my while when it comes to blogging. I feel that I, and you as a reader, deserve a little more than a hastily put together post that's not really about anything. Apart from anything those kinds of posts make it difficult for people to comment on and comments are the bloggy-air that I breathe to keep me going.

However just lately I don't seem able to muster up the energy (and more importantly find the time) to sit down and properly think and compose a post. So instead, I'm afraid you're going to have to put up with another "Are you really blogging about this?!" post. You're just going to have to bear with me I'm afraid.

So this weekend saw me complete one of my Not Really Resolutions for this year as I wielded my paintbrush and acrylic paints and got Toady Toad finished. This was satisfying for many reasons;
1) Who doesn't like ticking things off lists?!
2) This has been hanging around for too long
3) It kept me busy on an otherwise quiet Sunday. I do not like being unproductive and days with nothing planned drive me a little mental.

Oh beautiful toad, don't be mad that the mosaic maker cut your nose off

I know that I really need to come up with a more inspiring name for him than Toady Toad, but I just can't think of one for the life of me. I like that he has an affectionate kind of nickname. To be honest I feel kind of affectionate towards him. When I was hunting toads down during the Larkin' with Toads project in Hull I felt overwhelming urges to throw myself on them and hug them. I have no idea why, I put a lot of energy into not answering that question.

I don't quite want to throw my arms around Toady Toad, he's too small and I'd most likely break him in some way. But I do quite like to pat him on the head and sigh and say "Oh Toady Toad I love you."

(I'm revealing too much aren't I?)
In the beginning...

I am pleased he's finished though, not only has he made me feel a little invigorated at the prospect of actually crossing something off my list, it's encouraged me to get on with the other things that are on there. I really am trying to complete these resolutions, not just fanny about and say I'm going to do it (although please please please don't hold me to that reading 12 classics in a year thing ok?!). Plus it seriously has kept the boredom at bay, I've found myself this January with a couple of weekends with nothing planned at all, whilst I know that I should rejoice in that and most people would relish the idea, for me it fills me with a little dread. One of my greatest fears in life is that I'm wasting time.

Without wishing to sound like a total twat, time on earth is limited and I would hate to get to the end of my days and be faced with an endless parade of time spent not doing anything, wasting my life away just sat in front of the tv or in bed. If I'm doing either of those things I'll be doing something productive as well, whether it's reading or cross-stitching or crocheting - they're not big things but I absolutely cannot be idle, it drives me round the bend.

You see this is what happens when I blog without purpose. They end up strange and rambly and appear to be about plastic toads but are actually about the meaning of life.


Thanks Mr Toad.

...And now all finished.


  1. Ahhh, he's cute!
    Seriously (my teen-aged son's new word), those post-Christmas, is-winter-ever-going-to-end blues are getting the best of me. More crocheting it seems, is the answer. LOL!


  2. Ah I like Mr Toad - he reminds me of a Clarice Cliff somehow!

    I know exactly what you mean about not feeling the blogging urge. I seem to not have a minute to myself at the moment and yet nothing to write about either, not a clue what I'm doing with my time!

  3. Hello Harlequin Toady Toad - oh how colourful you are :0)

    Well done on ticking something off your list. I haven't even made myself a list of things I'd like to achieve this year - the January Blues have really hit me hard. I shouldn't really blame January though, house hunting is the catalyst to both my stress levels rising and my lack of enthusiasm at present. (We've got a second viewing on a property this weekend though, so if things go well, I should hopefully get my blogging mojo back).

  4. I love your toad! Blogging takes the edge of January for me - it forces me out with a purpose - something to blog about. Otherwise I would just sit in feeling a bit sorry for myself. xx

  5. Well, what a handsome toad!! I have a few name suggestions: Gerald, Percy, Frank, Kenneth, and Oscar.

    I like Gerald and Oscar best, in that order. But that's just me!

  6. I so know what you mean...about not blogging. But sometimes we are just so busy in our daily lives that I think we need a break from social media. There are REAL people out there too that we interact with and sometimes they just need some of our time too... Wait, I am not suggesting all the bloggers out there are not real people....grin. But do you know what I mean? We are meant to live our lives in the real world too. Go easy on yourself....enjoy the moments that make our existence wonderful, worth living....life itself. Oh, I do like that toad there! Very creative.

  7. I knew he reminded me of something and Lucy's got it - he does look Clarice Cliff-y. I love him - he's a toad of bravery and pride and stubbornness and positivity. He rocks!

    I am terrible for trying not to waste time. I'm usually trying to do too many things at the same time. I have to try to stop myself. One thing done well is enough I say. But I do not listen.

    Bath Night is part of a system to encourage myself to stop and do nothing for a bit. But then I read in the bath. I may need to work on it...

  8. I know the feeling. It's not that I don't have stuff to blog about, but the light is so crap for photos that I just can't motivate myself. Some sunshine would really help.

  9. I really like your Toady Toad and his name! :)

    And I know what you mean about empty weekends and jan blues. I'm not feeling too hot today myself. Hunting for a job has been slowly eating away at me, the lack of the boyfriend in everyday life has me feeling occassionally lonely and having friends that are all nesting doesn't help. Plus the big night of the month - my chance to get out and at least have some potential for meeting new people just got cancelled! And it is hard to organise nights out with nesting friends and not living in London right now...

    Plus certain friends are proving to be a let down which is slowly getting to me too. It is such a weird time right now. I'm just trying to put one foot in front of the other and get through it. I think it must be somewhat seasonal...and the economy...

    Oh well! Bright toads bring a little positivity!!! :) xxx


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