Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A public apology to The Beast

The Beast got a little bit upset with me the other day.

I asked him what was wrong and through his snuffles and snotting he said that he felt neglected.

He said that when I’d made crocheted blankets in the past I took lots of photos and wrote a post all about them, liberally sprinkled with pictures. But when he was finished all I did was take a rubbish photo of him bundled up on my desk at work.

A bit like this...

I pointed out to him that I did say that I loved him a lot and that he had helped me get over my fear of colour but there was no appeasing him.

“Would it help if we did a photoshoot?” I asked

The gleam in The Beast’s eye told me that would suffice.

So I would like to present, for The Beast’s pleasure, a collage of his best bits...

[cue montage music]

The Beast would also like me to tell you about the old lady who stopped me on the street before Christmas to ask me if I had knitted The Beast myself and then proceeded to tell me all about how she was learning to crochet and that her daughter knits and that it’s very relaxing isn’t it and what sort of things did I crochet and where did I get my wool and what else did I think I was going to make etc etc

The Beast. Loved by me and Random Old Ladies alike.

Anyone else talk about their crocheted/knitted articles as if they're real people? No? Just me?


  1. hello The Beast,

    I'd like to say that I am always cheered by the sight of you and that you add a bit of chirpy colour to this otherwise colourless January.

    Keep battling the grey The Beast!

  2. Yup, its just you. Mind I've never created anything quite like your Beast, so maybe I would if it cried out to be acknowledged.

  3. What a Beautiful Beast you are! You look particularly fetching all rolled up in the top left picture!

    (PS, this making your own stuff is meant to ensure you have unique clothes, no? In the gym changing room yesterday there was a girl with the same scarf as my crochet one! Just a tiny bit lighter! How can it be?! She was German though so I'm comforting myself with the thought that at least I must be all continental and stylish!)

  4. Wow what a stroppy beast!!
    BUT probably deserving of his stroppiness because he really is truly beautifdul and deserves to be shown off and posted about!!!
    Em xxxx

  5. Awww...happy story! I like how the lady got all excited and sparked up a conversation with you - art connecting people! :) xxx

  6. The Beast is quite demanding - it's a good job you don't have to feed it aswell :0)
    I love it when people comment of things I've knit (Violet's bright beret has had loads of wonderful remarks from passers-by).

  7. Well it is such a pretty beast, glad it got its own photo shoot.

  8. The Beast Lives!
    If you get a couple of minutes please pop over to Like it or Lump it where you have been given a special award. Congratulations and hope to see you soon.

  9. The Beast. Also loved by blog followers across the country.

    I didn't realise how immensely long and stripy he is. What a fine figure of a scarf.


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