Thursday, 1 May 2014

BEDM Day 1: What is your blog all about?

I can't believe I'm giving this another go either guys. Me, the person who barely ever ever blogs is going to go for BEDM 2014.

I think I'm setting out on this year's Blog Every Day May with a healthy dose of cynicism. I'm just going to put this out there right now that I'm probably not going to manage to blog every day. However, I'm using the excellent topics that Elizabeth has come up with, in an attempt to get me back into the swing of things. Get me used to writing about things and get the old cogs whirring in the brain again. Too much crocheting of amigurumi animals and watching terrible terrible TV does not do wonders for your brain I can tell you.

So today's topic is supposed to be an introductory one in which I tell the hordes of new readers who have found their way to my blog all about what I'm about.

And I'm already stuck.

I think I fall into the category of Lifestyle blogger. But only if your Lifestyle includes the following:
- Not blogging very often
- Crocheting stuff
- Gerbils

When people say "Oh I just blog about this and that" I'm never sure if they mean it or not. I really really do. I might throw in a book review or I might talk about how I'm trying to get better at running. I might post about the castle in the town where I live or I might just shove a picture of a gerbil in your face.

One thing my blog is not is a home for sponsored posts. I realise that that makes me something of a rarity in blogging nowadays. I feel like the cranky old Grandma who talks about how she was blogging before everyone was even born, but when I first started blogging sponsored posts weren't a thing at all and I didn't even realise they were a thing until they snuck up behind me. There was a time when I would have quite liked to do sponsored posts and just didn't get offered to do anything, but I have more recently made a conscious decision not to do sponsored posts (and still don't get offered anything anyway, but that's by the by).

I don't really have the type of blog that lends itself to sponsorship to be honest. 

Unless people want to send me gerbil things.

And if you've made it this far and still want to read on then God bless you. I love you already.

You can also follow me on Twitter - I have a protected account due to...well....a whole lot of stuff I won't bore you with, but send me a request and you too can be privy to pictures of crocheted animals and gerbils.

Lucky devils.

Well. This is off to a good start isn't it?

When really all you need to do is read my Things You Should Know page which contains all the things that you need to know. Probably. 

I like gerbils.


BEDM 2013 can be found here


  1. I'm obviously a lifestyle blogger too, except I don't have gerbils. The only reason I don't have gerbils is that I used to own hamsters and I don't like cleaning them out.

    I don't think I'd definitely rule out sponsored posts but some blogs are just ridiculous. You get to a point where you don't trust their opinions because despite their protestations of unbiased opinion, they have multiple positive sponsored posts and no negative ones.

    Sorry, got a bit rants.

  2. I did BEDNovember, the thought of trying to do it this month fills me with terror. So many things to do, and whilst I love my blog, there isn't a hope in hell I'll find time to get 31 posts up.

    Side note: MORE GERBILS please. Indulge me in my pet free life, go on...

    Sponsored posts- yeah, I know, I know, but sometimes the stuff they want to give me is good, and because it only happens a couple of times a year, I kinda feel the urge to grab for it. I am a bad human being, but I hope I have redeeming features, like awesome storage...

    1. Oh no don't get me wrong I have no problem with sponsored posts per se - just entire blogs devoted to them makes for a boring blog.

  3. Dammit. I want to do BEDM again as well but I just don't think I will be able to keep up! :( At all. Looking forward to reading along with you lot though. Maybe I will still use some of the topics or blog everyone other day in May BEODM... or once every week in May; BOEWM...doesn't look good does it? Sigh.

    With you on the sponsored posts but I think I commented on your post about that so I won't spam this one.

    And I love what your blog is, or isn't, about. This and that. Gerbils. : )

    p.s. You know you can't say something about now having a protected Twitter account and shizz, and expect us to actually think it's boring. Hope whatever it was, wasn't too bad.

    Jen |

  4. Gerbil stuff through the post would be awesome wouldn't it, or maybe even Gerbils? Although they might eat through their box and then the royal mail would be screwed.
    And I know it's not quite a gerbil, but this is awesome -

  5. I don't even offered sponsored posts these days that and I send rather mean emails in reply to ones that spell my name wrong or call me 'dear'. I probably don't help myself and I don't really care about that hahaha. Good luck with the BEDM challenge, i'd love to do something similar but I fear my organisational skills aren't up to it.

  6. Hurrah! I'm trying it again too, I need to get back into the habit of posting on my poor neglected blog.

    Have always loved your posts, gerbils, sausage making and tales of petticoats, so I'm glad there will be more.

  7. Hurrah. I'm excited that you are joining in. I did this last year and I really liked it, I'm just pretty sure I won't be able to keep up with it this time around, as I'm already doing my shoe challenge thing and have also started posting Me Made May outfits, both of which being daily things to remember. I can't decide how I feel about sponsored posts. I do some, but I'm choosy and work on the rule that if I wouldn't buy it in a shop, I will not accept it, free or not. I do understand that some people are really opposed to them full stop, but if a brand would like to send me a dress I was planning to spend my own money on anyway, I'm probably going to accept it and be honest about where it came from. <3

  8. I am scared that if I start twitter properly; I won't be able to stop. I do like BEDM though. It's nice to know there's always something that will be there to read on a daily basis from someone you never met but somehow you feel like you just...know.

  9. Well, I found your blog through something or other, and I rather like reading your posts. You're awfully funny. Anyway. What Flitterbee wrote up there--that's about right. It doesn't really matter what your blog is "all about." It's fun to read.

    We're a few days into May so I suppose I can't manage a true BEDM, but hey, maybe I'll catch up. Maybe not. Blogging + teaching + puppy + husband + house (even when you're just a student teaching) is not an easy combination and I hardly ever write as a result.


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