Wednesday, 14 May 2014

BEDM Day 14: The Potterer's Weekend

This past weekend was one of those great weekends where you simultaneously do nothing and everything. I think it's the knowledge of knowing that nothing has to be done that makes me so productive on weekends like that. Once things are planned and "in the diary" it becomes a case of fitting it all in, and there's nothing like that feeling that makes me want to hide away and not do anything at all.

But on a weekend where nothing is planned the opportunities are endless and they end up becoming some of the most productive.

Who doesn't love a good potter? Pottering about aimlessly always ends up things being ticked off your list. You might not go about everything in the most logical order but you wander and roam and eventually things get done.

And so this weekend we:

Erranded: Dry cleaning was picked up, cheques were put in the bank, some overdue make-up was bought

Relaxed: We visited my most favourite tearoom in the history of tearooms. It really deserves a post of its own so I won't bore you with it now.

Acted like kids: We have a Panini World Cup sticker book and our new (rather expensive) obsession is buying packets of stickers to fill the pages. I'm even indulging in swapsies at work.

Watched: Eurovision. You will not find a bigger Eurovision fan than me. I love that programme and won't be without it. I completely get that it's not to everyone's tastes but to me it's my childhood. Mum, Dad and I watched it all together every year and if I ever have children I will make them stay up and watch it too. I love it and everything about it and this year was a good year.

Crocheted: A tortoise. Definitely the most complicated amigurumi that I've made so far in terms of construction but I'm pleased that I made it through alive without having to resort to violence. She's really hard to take photos of that get all of her details in but that happy little face is one of my favourites. Only two more animals to make and then I'm free of my orders and the doors to my unofficial shop are closed.

Ran: The Hull 10km is in four weeks and even though I'm resigned to not being able to run the whole thing I am also determined not to give up. I needed to run 6.5km this weekend so I strapped my new toy to my wrist (a Garmin Forerunner 10 if you're interested) and set off. It wasn't perfect and I had to walk a few times but hey at least I started running again after I'd stopped - that's got to count for something, right?!

Reminisced: I saw something very familiar on the new Bulmers advert. Namely my old Halls of Residence from when I was studying at the University of Manchester. That white tower block with the black box on top of it in the centre of the photo above is the lovely Chandos Hall which is where The Person and I met 12.5 years ago. Aaaaaah...

Saved a life: I donated my 18th pint of blood this weekend which made me feel bloody well good about myself. If you don't give blood - you should.

Shifted: All the furniture in the spare bedroom needed a good shift around and this weekend was the first one that it was possible to do so. It still means that if someone comes to stay, we'll have to move a chest of drawers in order to have the room to pull out the sofa bed, but it looks better than it did. Just need someone to come and stay now!

Ate: Everything.


  1. I do like a weekend of pottering, but T has ingrained in me a hatred of the word 'pottering' in this context because sometimes he needs to get the fuck on with things and it drives me to distractions. Ahem.

    Love your jumper in your blood pic- I can't give any more but it's super important (I say this as one of the annoying people with an awkward blood type...) and your tortoise is gorgeous! Happy weekend.

  2. I have a dog version of that cat jumper :D Also, want to hear more about the tea room, I do like tea-based places.

  3. Oh I need that tortoise pattern! It's fab!

    I love weekends like that. Tea shop, Eurovision (Iceland were robbed), crochet. Awesome!

    We have a family sticker album. It's hubby way of making football exciting to the youngest son. He's not a fan yet but hopefully by the time World Cup starts.

    Well done on giving blood! Everyone should do it. I can't because I've received a transfusion.

  4. That is one cute little tortoise!

  5. What an awesome weekend!! I'm very sure you will be able to run the 10km :)
    Love the tea pot and tortoise! I wish I could crochet, but I have silly numb hands, had to give up knitting last year :(
    Hope this weekend's just as good!

    MissPond x

  6. Oh my, I love the tortoise! I do try to give blood as much as possible but about half of the times I'm too anaemic and end up being sent home :(


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