Sunday, 18 May 2014

BEDM Day 18 - How Saturday unfolded...

BEDM Day 18 and I'm still holding on - by the skin of my teeth!

One of the prompts was to undertake a photo an hour for a day and I went for Saturday because a photo an hour for a weekday would not make interesting viewing for anybody.

8am - Up at what I think is an unreasonably early time for a Saturday when you're a childless couple. Still the view of blue skies through the window makes me feel good about the day ahead.

9am - The breakfast of champions. During the week it's Cornflakes for me but weekends are for cups of tea and Marmite on toast.

10am - I confess; during the week I sometimes cannot be bothered to make the bed properly, if at all, but weekends are all about taking the time out to do the little things.

11am - A trip to the local Farmer's Market to eat a bacon butty, sit in the sunshine and re-unite a lost child with his parents.

12pm - Time to wander home with peppermint choc chip ice cream in hand

1pm - A trip to the supermarket to buy a ridiculous number of stickers to fill in our Panini World Cup sticker book.

2pm - Checked the post and found that my race stuff has arrived for the Hull 10k taking place on 8th June

3pm - Gerbils know how to relax on a Saturday - this is Tyrion Lannister who has fallen asleep without actually managing to get all the way inside his cottage.

4pm - I went out for a run. It did not go well. Least said about that the better.

5pm - Watching Hull v Arsenal in the FA Cup Final - Hull are somehow unbelievably leading 2-1 after scoring two goals in the first 8 minutes.

6pm - Still watching the FA Cup Final - score is now 2-2 and about to head into extra time...

7pm - ...and it's all over. Arsenal win by scoring a third in extra time and lift the FA Cup...hopes and dreams are shattered.

8pm - A little Saturday treat in the form of a Chinese takeaway. Can't beat it.

9pm - Cider whilst catching up with the latest episode of 24. Quite frankly I needed it after what this day had brought me.

10pm - Shattered from getting up early, going to the Farmer's Market, an absolutely terrible run in the heat and Hull losing the FA Cup Final - it's time for bed at the sinfully early time of 10pm. But we had our reasons, we had something exciting to get up for today...


  1. I do love photo an hour posts; I think it's the chance to have a proper nosy at someone else's life (which, after all, is basically what being a blog reader is all about anyway).

  2. I like these photo posts too. Must do one sometime. All the neutrals I know wanted Hull to win.

  3. Glad you did it ;) Looks like a good day x

  4. I totally suck at making the bed regardless of the day of the week. Shame about the Hull score, they did do well getting so far though!

  5. What a great idea for a post, although I know I'd fgorget to take photos. Mint choc chip ice cream is just the best thing ever.

  6. What was the exciting Sunday event? So much suspense!

    1. Argh sorry. Haven't had the time to post about it yet - you see this is why you need Twitter. You'd know what happened if you were on there!

    2. I feel it would really help the 'potential stalker' image of me if I joined twitter purely to follow blog people. Although the uniqueness of my username means it is still available as a twitter handle...hmm.

      Okay, so two minutes later and I've created an account...but I feel it is a slipperly slope...

  7. You're doing considerably better at this challenge than I am!
    We have the same bed sheets, gotta love Dunelm!
    You had an excellent good day, it's 5am and I'm hankering after a mint chic chip cone!!
    Good luck for the 10K


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