Friday, 16 May 2014

BEDM Day 16: A little bit of internet love

I'm suffering a little bit from BEDM fatigue at the moment. Hardly surprsing given that I've pretty much blogged as many times in May as I have done for the rest of 2014. My poor little blog brain doesn't know what is going on at the moment.

I've told myself I'll not be too hard on myself if I don't manage to post every day in May but who am I kidding, I am the Queen of self flagellation, there aint nobody that knows how to make me feel bad better than myself.

Anyway, allow me to provide you with some reading material for this Friday night / weekend / time when you're bored at work...

I read this very interesting post on Bonjour Blogger about re-building a community in the blogging world. I have been vocal in the past about how the blogging landscape has evolved since I started blogging and I think it's an interesting topic to think about. Once you throw certain things like money and PR into the mix blogging becomes more about getting hits and watching stats etc etc and less about just sharing some stories amongst some people you know from the internet.

(And yes I did indeed nick this idea from it.)

Yes I'm a crazy person who despite the fact that I am not engaged, reads wedding blogs. So sue me. This wedding on Rock 'N' Roll Bride made me laugh because the bride and her bridesmaids had toy cats instead of bouquets. It's worth clicking on just for the photo of the bride throwing her 'bouquet'.

I still have the last two amigurumi orders on my books to get rid of before I can finally get back to making stuff for me and this is filling me with excitement. Even more so reading some of Attic 24's mandala posts for Yarndale. Even though a mandala has no real purpose I'm definitely feeling the urges to make one immediately.

For some time now I have been loving Sophie's photos over on Sophie in the Sticks. What is incredibly refreshing to see is the variety of Sophie's posts. Her shoots are never just in the same place and she's never just doing the same pose over and over and over again - it makes for a much more engaging read than some other fashion blogs. I wish I could be like her in front of a camera instead of looking like a drunk squirrel. (Whilst you're over there check out this post of Sophie by a field of rapeseed. It's a joy!)

By now I'm sure you've seen the video of the cat attacking the dog which was mauling a little boy. You haven't?! Well allow me to point you in the right direction --> here. Proof, as if it was needed, that cats are amazing.

This cartoon of a gall bladder has been doing the rounds a lot lately but I just love it. Look at his little sad face!

Janet wrote a post about the unreadable books on her shelves. You know the ones - you pick them up, you put them down, you pick them up again, you put them down. What's on your unreadable pile?

And finally: Sarah Millican wrote an absolutely brilliant piece for the Radio Times about how basically shit it is to be a woman in today's society - with special attention to the role of Twitter. It is not often that a fairly short piece can make you laugh and feel terribly sad all in one reading - it just goes to show that she's as good at writing as she is at telling jokes.


  1. Cats are amazing!

    You could try doing a photo an hour post of your day...! Or put up a tutorial from your awesome crocheting?

    MissPond x

  2. Just a though, could you get someone to guest blog? I'm trying to get my husband to guest blog about his beer

  3. I'm so flattered to get a mention, thanks very much! I used to blog everyday then decided not to blog until I really felt like it, then every other day. These days I luckily seem to end up with loads of things I'm really excited to share so it's just a case of finding the time to get it all processed and written up.
    Don't beat yourself up about a posting schedule. Keep it fun :) x


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