Thursday, 8 May 2014

BEDM Day 8 - Local History

As I've mentioned about a billion times before, I live in a tiny place. Tiny.

One main street, not really any high street shops, no train station - but many many pubs.

For this reason I'm always a little bit coy about saying exactly where it is I live. I don't really know why, there are photos of my face on this blog, it could be fairly easy for someone to stumble upon it and realise who I am, but I feel like I can maintain a semblance of anonymity if I don't reveal the exact name of the place where I live.

It felt easier in bigger cities like Hull and Preston - you are one face amongst many and it's easy to get lost - but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that there are not that many people blogging here in Tiny Town, so I feel as if "exposure" is more likely.

Nothing like being dramatic on a Thursday morning is there?

But what with today's BEDM topic being Local History month I thought I would give you all a little clue as to where it is I live:

You get bonus points if you don't resort to Google to guess the answer.

Bonus castle picture


  1. Alas, on the internet, no place is safe. Looks like you have some nice food places though!

    On a related note, I once randomly stumbled upon the blog of someone I used to go to school with. That was weird; I suppose it was just unexpected, feels a bit like peeking into a room that they didn't expect you to be in. Internet strangers? No problem, come on in, take a seat, have a look around. School peers? No way, this is too strange, there are too many secrets held here...

    1. Ah, I guessed right after your "I've been to Leicester and it was epic" post. There are only so many places in this world that would make Leicester look epic!
      Glad to be unlurking after so long on your blog. I found it a couple of years ago; I came for the crochet and stayed for the running and the gerbils!

    2. Ha do we have some nice food places? You sure you're looking at the right place?!

      We certainly have a ridiculous number of pubs.

    3. And yes, I had a few people say the same thing to me when I said I was excited about going to Leicester. They were very much of the opinion that I shouldn't bother and should go to Nottingham or Birmingham instead - I think that would have been sensory overload I think!

    4. That is to say, I only found yourtown blogs that were restaurant reviews and the pictures made me crave Thai food hugely. That could have just been cos I was hungry and like Thai food, though. Hmm.

      I often imagine that when I go to a city or place that a blogperson lives, that I will see them just walking down the street despite the fact that most people don't just constantly wander up and down high streets of the place that they live (although I did just remember that this actually happened one time, I literally bumped into a couple of netmates outside M&S and we were going to go for coffee but I had to go so we just got a picture to prove that it actually happened and then went on our merry ways and I haven't seen them since. SO WEIRD.)

  2. This does look really pretty!

    Maria xxx

  3. I never knew that Ivanhoe was linked to Tiny Town. Suddenly it makes sense why everything there is called Ivanhoe this and Ivanhoe that!


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