Friday, 9 May 2014

BEDM Day 9 - Motivation

I should be brimming over with motivation for my running at the moment. I have entered the Run for All Hull 10km which is taking place in just under a month and the closer I get, the motivated I should be - right?

Not really.

I've tried everything I can think of - I've written myself out a not particularly demanding training plan, I've tried to remember everything I wrote in my Guide to Mediocre Running, I've promised to go easy on myself - but nothing seems to be working.

My injuries haven't helped matters either and neither quite frankly has my weight, it is not lost on me that I'm trying to run this 10km weighing a fair bit more than any of my others.

I go through fairly regular periods of falling in and out of love with running. It takes me a while to get back to enjoying it and not minding the sweat and lung burning and tired legs that come as part and parcel of lugging myself around my chosen route. At the moment I'm frustrated with what I'm perceiving as a lack of progress - somehow I seem to be running faster than I used to be able to, but I'm just totally unable to turn that into running for longer periods. If I was training for a 5km I'd probably be happy about now but instead I feel frustrated and annoyed.

I have decided to let myself off the hook for this 10km. I'm not going to be ready in time to be able to run the whole thing, a month just isn't long enough to get to where I need to be, instead I'm going to work on not mentally beating myself black and blue if I have to walk. (No mean feat let me tell you.)

But I need a little extra motivation to get myself to still go out there and run.

So I turned to retail therapy - not often my first choice.

How can I not want to go out running now when I have the opportunity to wear these guys...

...and these guys....

Both are from Adidas and come on the recommendation of Miss Pond - I saw her cool leggings and had to get in on the action.

It may seem weird that someone who feels intensely paranoid whenever they go out and run in public would buy running tights like these but the way I reason it is that if I think everyone is looking at me anyway, I might as well look like a lunatic. Now I can try and convince myself that they're not looking at me because I look peculiar when I run but are actually looking at me because  they are jealous of how super cool I look.

And it almost worked you know - when I got them I really wanted to go out and go for a run straight away.

I didn' know....I felt motivated that's half the battle surely?


  1. I have been through phases like this, even with my beloved bike (last summer springs immediately to mind, lugging my bike about, in the whilst not enjoying it....) it's so hard to find a way to make it all fit together again.

    Loving the retail therapy, and also I think sometimes, just time to asses is needed. And it couldn't be a better day to be showcasing lairy legs FYI, I posted about my awesome tights/leggings on the blog too!

  2. I LOVE THESEEEEEE!! I'm so glad you bought them... I'm such an enabler! Lol :D

    x x x

    1. Also keep going!! I'm struggling with my motivation too, using my next 10km as training for my next 2 later on in summer.

  3. Oh, these are fab. I've been looking for gym clothes, I've been feeling an equal lack of motivation there as well because I just don't seem to be seeing the results I want and it's really getting me down. :(

  4. The tropical leggings are awesome, I was so tempted to buy them myself. I think maybe the less hard you push yourself the more you#ll enjoy running so the more you will want to run which will Al be making progress :D


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