Saturday, 10 May 2014

BEDM Day 10 - What I lug about a.k.a. take a snoop in my handbag.

Oh yeah, I love a good blog meme. Especially when I don't have much else to write about. I've seen a few of these floating around and figured it was as good a time as any to trot one of these out.

My bag is a Cambridge Satchel Company bag which I guess makes me a proper blogger, right? This little beauty was a present for my 30th birthday from all of my family and it is one of my favourites. I even has my initials embossed on it so you can't steal it 'kay?

1. I've got my Kindle out! This never ever ever happens. I am taking part in Alex's Blogging Good Read soon and decided to get one of the books for that month on my Kindle to take away to America with me. Of course I didn't read it so now I'm stuck reading it on my Kindle. I just prefer real life books I'm afraid. But it works out well for this bag because it is not the most spacious and only the slimmest of paperbacks will fit in it.

2. Little book and pen because you never know when inspiration will strike. Believe it or not, considering that I hardly ever blog, this person has a book in her bag which is pretty much for that purpose. Lists of things I might want to blog are in here, random streams of consciousness are in here. It's not a fancy notebook I'm afraid, I got it free at a hotel once. *Loses blogger points*

3. Vaseline cocoa butter flavour and Extra chewing gum. Because nobody likes dry lips and stinky they?

4. This is practically an antique item now. A first generation iPod Nano. You know back in the olden days when they weren't really that tiny? And you could only get them in black and white? I know right? It's mainly loaded with podcasts because I'm a super non-cool person. I listen to them when I go running because they help to distract me because I kind of find running boring sometimes.

5. Mega purse. American Girl got me this a billion years ago I believe. Loadsa room for notes, little zippy bit for coins and lots of beautiful sections for cards. There's even a pocket in the back where you can put things. I can fit my lovely slim phone in it and then there is a handle that pulls out so you could take it out on its own for a night out. Bullseye.

6. Hello keys. You are lovely and open doors and stuff. Like magic. Please note Pets at Home VIP card - essential for gerbil purchases.

7, The holy trifecta of USB stick, card holder thing and HSBC Secure Key. That is the holy trifecta, right? I don't even know what's on that USB stick...

Oh hey I just realised that this photo doesn't include my phone. That's because I was taking the picture with my phone. You need to just imagine it okay?

Right you nosy lot, you've seen enough, time to move on...

....and show me what's in yours...

PS Awesome bedding is sadly not mine but is Mumsie's.


  1. How are all these people's bags so *tidy*? Where's the plethora of receipts, the stretched hairties and/or clips,the train tickets from nine months ago, the crumpled up napkin you took from somewhere one time because hey, you never know when you'll need a napkin. Plus a load of other stuff that is probably more me-specific. I did the "empty my bag on the floor" thing for a photo one time. It was not a pretty sight.

    1. It is the size of the bag that dictates the amount of crap I carry around in it!

  2. I love these posts, I'm so nosy! I had the same issue when I did mine - my camera is always in my bag (especially since I got my fancy pants new one), but obviously I was using it to take the picture!

  3. My bag is were receipts go to die, I apparently like collecting them, who know?!

  4. Love your bag, infact I have bag envy. I've not managed to save enough for one of these satchels yet :(
    Feel the same way about ebooks. When I did blogging good read last month I used my iPad and it was rubbish! Definitely paperbacks all the way!

    MissPond x

  5. Much as I love a good handbag, cycle commuting means I don't actually use one a great deal- and nobody wants to see the mayhem that is me tipping my rucksack out bi-annually... bad things lurk.

  6. haha i was just about to say we are bedding twins. love the bright green colour of this bag ;)


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