Tuesday, 6 May 2014

BEDM Day 6 - Passion Projects

I’m not entirely sure if my crochet is a passion project or not. 

Sometimes I feel as if crochet and I have entered into the ‘comfortable with one another’ phase of our relationship. We’re no longer going out on hot dates and thrilled with the sight of one another but happy to spend a night in, watching TV in our scruffs.

Occasionally there is still that whiff of passion that descends. A sudden whimsy to try something new and different. A while ago I was struck by an urge to crochet a flower. Any kind of flower but I needed to crochet a flower. 

And so I did. 

Pattern from here

I crocheted one flower and used it as decoration for a present and another flower for absolutely no purpose whatsoever. It’s currently just hanging about not doing anything which makes me feel bad for him. 

Pattern from here

I still harbour a dream for a flower garland of some sorts – it’s currently just sat in the back of my mind waiting to come to fruition, but I know that once I start on it I will be consumed by the excitement and unable to concentrate on anything else.

Unfortunately my flames of passion have been dampened down lately, due to the, at times, overwhelming numbers of orders that I have had on for amigurumi creatures.

Elephants that I've made in 2014 (pattern from this book)

As I’ve mentioned before, word got out that I could make these animals and word spread fast. I had orders coming out of my ears and the trouble with that is that I just find it hard to say no. I’m the original People Pleaser and I just want to make people like me – for me that means never saying no.

Some of the 2014 output (see this post for pattern sourcing)

It’s got me in a bit of a pickle though. It means that I no longer yearn to pick up my hook – it has instead become something else that I have to do. Coupled that with the fact that I’m really not charging people enough for the things that I’m making and the passion and desire has well and truly been extinguished.

More 2014 output  - Lion from this book / Penguin from this book / Zebra from this book

I have made a promise to myself to just say no and close the doors to orders once I have the last few animals complete and taken off my hands. So once I’m rid of this tortoise, lion, cow and penguin that is it.

And the last of 2014's output. No wonder I haven't been blogging...
Panda from this book / Horse and Octopus from this book

And hopefully by allowing myself some time to stretch my creative crocheted wings I’ll be able to stir up those flames of passion once more.

But I would be interested to know how many people have turned their passion into a work and eventually found themselves burned out?


  1. I've been making dresses and other clothes for a while and have been advised by so many people to turn it into a business, but I really don't want to lose the enjoyment i currently have for it.

  2. I agree with char. People have often suggested that I do dressmaking or alterations for a living but I know that the pressures of deadlines and trying to achieve a perfectly finished product would completely kill my love of sewing.

  3. Oh my look at the penguin - he is too cute! I stitch for myself although the idea of selling my blackwork embroidery has been stressed to me, but I'm a really fussy stitcher and would be too paranoid that my work wasn't good enough!

  4. You know the love I have for your many many creatures, great and small, but I think so often we're all lured into the idea that turning your hobby into your passion is like living the dream (moving to the country and buying a pub springs to mind). Truth is, the moment you *have* to do something, there'll be times when you don't want to, and often the work involved in perpetuating an order book or similar takes all the fun out of the bit you actually love. One of the biggest business lessons I learned from my parents is true here also- never create a business or a concept that revolves solely around you, because you'll never have an exit strategy.

  5. Wow, your work is beautiful you have such an incredible talent.

    Mel's Corner

  6. Your crochet animals are so CUTE! I have no patience when it comes to anything crafty or with my hands so always admire those who do!

  7. I've just started to take orders for things. Part of me worries that too many people will want things but then the pessimistic side tells me that I won't be that popular.

    Amigurumi is fun though, when it's for the right reasons.

  8. I can see entirely why you've been inundated with orders! I often think the same about baking - I dream about turning it into a business but I wory that the passion would go once it's something I depend upon for income and isn't just a hobby. Every time anyone has actually asked me to bake something for an occasion, once the initial excitement has been overcome I've almost died of stress!


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