Friday, 2 May 2014

BEDM Day 2 - Five Favourite Posts

This was an interesting topic. A very interesting topic.

Flicking back through my old blog posts was quite the trip down memory lane indeed and I found it incredibly hard to pick out five posts that were my favourite. Not because I thought there were so so many brilliant and insightful posts but because I wasn't sure I could pick five posts which really represented me.

If I went for the emotional, wordy posts I figured I would come across looking like an angsty teen, but those are the ones that I probably am proud of. It's hard to spill your guts out on a computer screen. It might seem easy to just sit and type and get it all out and that part of it is great and when I find myself getting tied up in knots about things I will sit and write things out. If you think I can be a bit emo on here you should see the posts that don't get published people.

But the danger with writing about your emotions is that it's easy for them to be misinterpreted, it's easy to come across as overly dramatic whilst on the flipside it's easy to sometimes underplay how you're feeling.

Anyway. That's a topic for another blog post perhaps.

I did cobble together five posts which are hopefully a representation of what this blog is about. A little bit snarky, a little bit emotiony, and (hopefully) a little bit funny...

1. I was made redundant in in 2012 and I wrote a post all about the things that people say to you which are well-meaning but serve to make you want a get a bit stabby. Consider it a guide...

2. After being unemployed for four months I got a horrible job in which I was bullied. It was not fun but I actually took the bullies on and I'm still proud of myself for doing it. This post is for all those people who don't feel able to stand up for themselves.

3. Getting a job at a very corporate workplace meant that there was a strict dress and appearance policy. This included having to remove my tongue piercing. I had mixed feelings about it but ultimately did so without too much fuss - 'Of me but not all that I am' explains why it wasn't that big a deal to me.

4. I once tried to make Cookie Monster cupcakes. They did not turn out well. In this world of blogs full of perfect pictures of perfect people living perfect lives I think it's important that 'When baking goes wrong' is out there on the internet as a beacon of hope to all normal people.

5. 'Why I will never make it as a fashion blogger' kind of speaks for itself if I'm honest. Plus there's a link in that to the post I wrote about a little blogger's trip that I went on which was brilliant and remains one of the best weekends I've had in a long time - you should read that as well whilst you're there. You know. If you fancy it.


  1. Oh I completely agree and feel you on both fashion and baking. That is ME all over!! The other posts are a really great insight into your life and how things develop and change and how, bullying doesn't end in the schoolyard unfortunately. Really enjoyed this #BEDM post!

  2. Your first and third posts are kind of topics I might have picked too from my blog. Although mine was about visiting the job centre too (that went down well on the comments!)
    And that fashion blogger post. Amazing. Love it! You should totally take it up but just use the last few poses - that's the sort of fashionn blog I'd read!

  3. Still love those cupcakes!

  4. So glad to see the cupcake post on their, that's the one that made me start reading your blog!

    1. Oh. My. God. I am genuinely mortified to realise that I used the incorrect homophone of 'there'. And me an English teacher... I'll give myself a detention now, don't worry.

  5. Ah, your posts really made me laugh! Loved the fashion blogger one, and the baking one! I do love an honest blogger :)


  6. I loved the cupcake post. I'm really enjoying the #BEDM challenge.

    Mel's Corner

  7. Emotional angst does make for good reading material; the unfortunate truth.


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