Monday, 5 May 2014

BEDM Day 5 - Cinco de Mayo

I had never even heard of Cinco de Mayo until I went to see American Girl and Boy in 2008. We ran through the things that we would be doing when I was over – a bit of shopping (the £ to $ exchange rate was amazing back then, almost $2 - £1), a trip to Vegas, a visit to the Grand Canyon, “…and we’ll be out for Cinco de Mayo as well” she added.

Erm excuse me?

I’ll be honest I’m still hazy on the details of what the day was and why we would be going out to celebrate it. You are big grown ups, you can Google that for yourselves.

All I knew was that whatever this was, it involved a night out and I am all on board for that.

My Cinco de Mayo experience can be summed up in a few bullet points:

  • Cinco de Mayo is basically like a Bank Holiday Sunday. People don’t really know why they’re out, you just are out.
  • I discovered that American shots are much bigger than UK measures – there was a close call with a shot of tequila

  •           Watching aghast as two very drunk College girls ‘danced’ in short toweling beach dresses and probably didn’t stay in their own beds
  •           A couple consisting of a very old man and a very young girl. He licked her shoes. I’ll leave it at that.
  •           American Girl threw most of a drink all over a table in a diner.

  •           And the night ended in an empty strip club with me getting a lap dance.
(There are no photos of that.)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


  1. Detroit has a big parade for Cinco de Mayo - there's an awesome Mexicantown in the southwest which has some of the best restaurants around here - and my favorite bakery!

  2. ha, this sounds like madness but a very interesting experience indeed.

  3. OMG - yep def the Mexican version of St Paddy's day !!

  4. I'll pretend that my fajitas were in celebration of this day, despite never having heard of it. Must have got some subconscious Mexican messages from somewhere!

  5. Judging by your experience, I think I was better off not knowing...


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