Monday, 26 May 2014

BEDM Day 26: A little bit of internet love Part II

I say let us continue to spread around the internet love

(Not like that guys)

So here is some cool stuff I've been reading lately:

Mr X Stitch has been up to some more excellent exploits - if you live in London you should definitely get yourself to his next session at Drink, Shop & Do on 2nd June.

Continuing on the stitchy theme, here is a lovely tutorial for stitching on paper. I've did a bit of stitching on paper when I put together my scrapbook of my holiday to my Dad's house in France. It is all kinds of fun.

Lauren is one of my oldest blogging friends and actually the first special internet friend I met in real life. She wrote a very interesting post about whether or not blogging is on the decline. It's interesting for me as we started our blogs at around the same time so I think feel a little at sea sometimes in this new world.

I'm a big fan of salads but am not particular adventurous when it comes to making them. Enter Chloe with not one, not two, but five excellent recipes to make salads way more interesting than a bit of iceberg with some sliced tomato on top. One that's staying bookmarked for me for a while I come I think.

Another post from Janet this week. Starting to sound ever so slightly fan girly now but what can I do? She keeps writing great posts! 'Why is being photographed without makeup the bravest thing a woman can do?" is a thinker for you.

Miss Pond wrote an excellent Running Manifesto which is something that I should definitely do myself. Or, just steal hers.

And lastly, one more crafty themed post - if you love Doug from the film Up! then you'll love this cross stitch piece featured on Mr X Stitch's blog.


  1. I love entries like these, it's like half a dozen posts in one. I'm looking for more things to read and it's great when someone siphons through stuff for me so I can choose what it most suitable for my own preferences and maybe add a new one to my list. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the internet love :)


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