Thursday, 15 May 2014

BEDM Day 15: Home Sweet Home

My Mum is good at a lot of things, (obviously, she's a Mum) but one thing she is really good at it is pulling a room together. She does it naturally, without really thinking. She is capable of visualising what she wants to achieve and then she sets out and makes it happen.

She was painting furniture long before the word 'upcycling' existed and every time I go back home she's added something else, or taken something out, or is planning on painting another wall for no particular reason at all.

Sadly I have not followed in her footsteps. I am not really able to formulate what I want to happen into a coherent form that allows me to actually make a start. I am not a creative person in that sense - little wisps of ideas appear in my mind's eye, only to float away before I can get a grip on them.

But I have become determined to do something about it now. I am a little tired of living in a flat which is a mis-match of random bits of furniture that have been collected and gathered and very kindly donated. I love them all, but nothing really makes sense together and it feels a little bit like living in a student flat.

Although there isn't much we can do in terms of decorating, given that we live in rented accommodation, I can make a start on making what I do have in to some kind of coherent 'style' - even if the word 'style' isn't really a word to describe me.

I saw a wedding some time a go which had a yellow and grey theme and I fell in love with it there and then. Of course, as with most things that I like, I have chosen a trend which is hugely popular. It seems to be my lot in life to always be one step behind everyone else. 

Luckily for me however, I'm not swayed by what is popular, merely by what I like. This is handy actually because the sofa that we bought when we moved into this flat is grey. Look at that - I've already made a start!

I'm already making plans for our coffee table, a very kind donation from Heather when we moved into the flat in August. I've seen way too many magazine articles and things on Pinterest of people having fun with spray paint and I need to get in on the action. I have how-to articles pinned on how to tape off chevron patterns and I've eyed up the colours that I want to go for. 

And then I'll be one step closer to living less like a student and a bit more like a grown up person.



  1. I've gone for grey in both my bedrooms and I love it. My top tip is to avoid bluey greys as they are very cold. I tried about 4 different colours before I found the right one. George/Asda have some lovely stuff in these colours at the moment for great prices.

  2. I love grey as a neutral colour, we have gone for grey and turquoise!

    Maria xxx

  3. I love that mustardy yellow colour in your collage, i'm a fan off all things mustard I will be honest. I grew up in my teenage years in a grey room, it's a very understated colour.

  4. I love that Hello Sunshine cushion! My living room is grey with blue & green as accent colours, but I'm thinking about adding in yellow too.

  5. I really like yellow and grey together but I'm a bit hopeless with colour schemes and things in home decor. I just throw together things I like without worrying too much about what they'd really *go* with.

  6. yellow and grey really work together and I'm sure you underestimate your interior design abilities. I've never made any changes at ours and we've been here 6 years; nothing matches. Classy. x

  7. Wait, wait, you, Heather, and Lucy all live in the same town?? This has got to be the best place EVER. I wonder if I can't convince my hubby that a move overseas is a must? Also, I love this colors, too!

    1. Oh no sadly we don't, we are all actually pretty far away from each other! Heather's lovely husband dropped the chair off for me when he was on his way down South once.

      Lucy & Heather are indeed in the same town though!


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